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Hong Kong
If you keep up to date with my posts you may remember that, long ago, I mentioned wanting to teach in Vietnam. This was soon forgotten both on the blog and in real life. Then I came home from travelling and started to hint in my monthly summary posts about sorting out my plans for 2018. 

Basically, I needed to get my shit together. But that took quite a while. However, I did start to do this and even hinted about making progress with project sort out my life. I was very vague and totally one of those people who say they have exciting news but don't tell you what it is. Except I didn't actually say I had exciting news so maybe I'm not that bad.

Moving to Hong Kong blog

Well, you may now be putting two and two together and thinking that I'm about to announce that I'm  moving to Vietnam to teach English.

But, I'm not. 

However, I am moving halfway across the world to teach, so you were mostly right. Just not in Vietnam.

I'll be teaching in Hong Kong.

So that's my exciting news. My exciting but also sometimes so terrifying I can't think about it news.

My visa has been applied for, my accommodation is sorted and my flight is booked.

I'm moving to Hong Kong
Why Hong Kong you ask. Well, there were a few factors. Firstly, I decided that I'd like to live somewhere that was fairly westernised. There was also the chance that my friend would be in Hong Kong and the idea of having a friend in the same city when I'm halfway around the world made it all seem a little less daunting. 

They'll be some changes to the blog. I'm hoping there will be a lot of Hong Kong content and hopefully some other travel content. You don't get as many holiday days in Hong Kong so I'll have to make the most of each of them! 

I've started to do various research which begins with the important things like credit cards and bank accounts and when my brain begins to hurt I swiftly move to Pinterest in search of the best food to eat. And you bet I already have a list longer than my arm of places to eat. 

Moving to Hong Kong blog post I fly out on the 3rd of April which isn't actually that long at all. I've already made a (very long list) of clothes to take. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to fit everything into two suitcases but seeing as my room in Hong Kong is TINY packing light is in my interest if I want any room left to move. 

I'm hoping it will be an experience I love. Even if I hate it at first. I'll be completely honest, I expect to spend a lot of my first week crying and wishing I was back at home because that's the sort of person I am but I'm hoping that this stage won't last very long. I keep reminding myself about a piece of advice I wrote in my 23 things in 23 years post

Every time I've hated something at the beginning I've ended up loving it.

So here's to new adventures. Taking the plunge. Doing something you've always been too scared to do.



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Moving to Hong Kong Pinterest Graphic

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