Ljubljana Graffiti Tour

Ljubljana graffiti tour

Ljubljana was one of those places were I didn't really know what to expect. Compared to other places I'd visited I hadn't done that much research for it. So when we got to our hostel the first thing we did was take a look at the leaflets that they had in reception. There was the usual walking tours and day trips to Lake Bled but since we were already going to stay in Lake Bled after Ljubljana we didn't need to plan a day trip. Soph then picked up a leaflet about a graffiti tour which looked really cool and so we decided we'd check it out on our first full day in Ljubljana.


How to survive a long haul flight

surviving long haul flights

We've all been there. Checking the time thinking that there must only be an hour left of the flight and being horrified to see that you haven't even made it half way through yet. This is especially painful on long haul flights. This summer I took four long haul flights, some of which were better than others! I thought I'd write a blogpost to share  my tips and what I learnt from taking these flights.


My SE Asia Bucketlist

SE Asia bucket list

If you read my 2017 travel plans post then you'll already know I'm planning a trip to SE Asia in April. I've done quite a lot of research already and have started to finalise a route. There's so many things to see and while I hope to see everything realistically I will probably have to miss some things. I thought I'd put together a bucket list of all the places I really don't want to miss.

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