Goals for 2018

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I guess you could say that this post is a little late. But better late than never right?

I very nearly didn't bother with this post. I have a tendency to choose some goals and then forget them until the last week in December when I decide to have a look at them to see if I actually achieved any. 

But this year I'm determined to firstly, remember my goals for the whole year and secondly choose goals I can actually achieve. 

Sometimes I think it's good to have goals that are a bit more ambitious, however, this year I've decided that personally, I'm going to stick to realistic goals. Well, ones I think are realistic at this point in time! 

2018 goals


Travelling for the sake of it

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I had plans to leave the country at least once more before the end of 2017. At one point I even thought I'd be leaving twice. I was planning a birthday weekend away and a weekend to Vienna to visit a university friend. The birthday weekend was postponed, somebody already had that weekend off work. No big deal. I'd go another weekend.

when you travel for the sake of it


2017, in travel

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This post is a little late going up but I still wanted to post it to document my 2017 travels more for myself than anything else. 

Part of me feels like I didn't do a lot of travelling, especially when I compare it to 2016 where I went on four separate trips, three of these being backpacking trips.

However, I've actually done a lot more travelling this year than I realise.

I mean I spent four months this year backpacking Asia. That's a third of the year I spent travelling. So when I look at it this way I think it's safe to say that 2017 was a good travel year!

I visited seven countries in 2017. Three new countries and four revisits.


Myanmar was the first country I ever visited in Asia and also the first country I ever backpacked. I went back there during my trip to Asia because the friend I was travelling with had not been and also because I didn't feel like I'd seen enough of the country the first time around.

I'm so glad I returned as I was able to see things I didn't the first time like the temples of Bagan. We also got to experience the Thingyan water festival which is similar to the Songkran festival in Thailand.

Train to Hsipaw Myanmar

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