A guide to Inle Lake | Myanmar

I remember my first glimpse of Inle Lake. The narrow strip of water suddenly opened up revealing a great expanse of water. The whole lake seemed alive. We had just entered Inle Lake and it was truly stunning. 

Inle Lake is one of the 'must sees' of Myanmar. Cambodia has Angor Wat, Vietnam has Halong Bay, India the Taj Mahal. Myanmar has Inle Lake. 

Certainly not as famous as the other sights mentioned but what it lacks in status it makes up in with stunning landscape and friendly locals.
A guide to Inle Lake


The Burn Out

There seems to be quite a lot of blogger burn out posts in the blogosphere lately. A lot of us seem to have lost our sparkle. And I've been feeling exactly the same. But in my everyday life, as well as, with blogging.

I'm just burnt out full stop. I don't really know what happened but the last few weeks I've been mentally and physically exhausted. Work has been more demanding and I've felt a lot more anxious. 

suffering from a burn out


In retrospect: SE Asia bucket list

Back in March I made a SE Asia Bucket list before I headed off on my trip in April. It seems so long ago since I was doing all my planning and preparation! I thought I might as well do a follow up post to tell you whether I managed to tick everything off my bucket list. I decided not to make the bucket list too long or ambitious, I didn't want to feel like I had to try and get it all done so instead I chose 10 things to try and achieve. 

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap


I actually ended up spending three days at the temple complex. We saw the famous Angkor Wat on our first day exploring, however, we never made it to a sunrise which I do regret but it was still amazing to see it in person.

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