When things go wrong

Travel is often made to look perfect. We don't want to post ugly pictures on Instagram or blog about our failures or misfortunes. We focus on the positives. What we loved about that place or the amazing food we ate there.

So I'm writing a post about all the times my travel as gone a little wrong. I'm lucky that I've never had any serious problems travelling (and will hopefully not have any on future trips!). So this is more of a light hearted post about small disasters that I've encountered along the way.


Zagreb: A Mini Guide

Zagreb was the fourth stop on my interrail trip. We'd already been to Split but Zagreb is very different. I mean I wasn't expecting any ocean or beach but the architecture of the city is also very different to Split. We only had one full day in Zagreb and it was surprisingly hot! We also decided to have our first night out of the trip in Zagreb. On a Tuesday night. Probably not the best day of the week to see what Zagreb had on offer but all the bars were surprisingly busy. More on that later!


Lipton's Seat

There are so many walks and hikes in Sri Lanka from Adam's Peak to the world's end. On my three week trip around Sri Lanka I only managed to do one. Lipton's Seat. We stayed in the town of Haputale for our walk. I wouldn't call it a hike as such, it's not too tough and a lot of it is fairly flat.

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