23 things I've learnt in 23 years

If you hadn't already guessed from the title I'm now 23 (Technically, I'll have been 23 for a whole day when this post goes live). Yay. I can't even tell if that 'yay' is sarcastic or not. I'm not exactly over the moon about turning 23 but it's hardly old. But I'm going to do a separate post on my thoughts on turning 23. 

This post, however, will be dedicated to 23 things I've learnt over the past 23 years. I sat down to draft this post thinking it would be quite easy to whip up 23 things. Oh, how I was mistaken. It's taken me a while. But here they are:

23 things in 23 years


1. I'm not ugly.

In fact nobody is ugly. Beauty is subjective and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. My confidence has grown massively, especially in the last three years. However, I'm still very self conscious and learning to love myself. I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there.

2. I love travelling.

3. Maltesers are still the best kind of chocolate and my go to cinema snack. 

4. Every time I hated something at the beginning I've ended up loving it in the end.

I guess that's a bit broad. It doesn't apply to everything but a lot of things. 

University is a big example of this. I hated it when I started. Hate is a strong word but it's the perfect word in this situation.

I wanted to drop out and go home.

But I didn't. And I'm so glad I didn't. 

It took me a long time to adjust to university but when I sat my final exam in third year I was terribly sad. It was suddenly over. And I realised that I loved it. Well, other than the first six months or so. So I'm glad I made myself stick with it until the Christmas holidays. I know university isn't for everyone and I'm not saying that dropping out is bad. I'm just glad I gave university a second chance.

5. Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone usually pays off.

6. Being open minded is important. 

7. Any picture is a good  picture. 

For so long I avoided being in photos. I hated my smile. My clothes weren't nice enough. I didn't have any makeup on.

But I've started to realise that none of these things matter. Getting the picture is more important. It doesn't matter if I look awful. Because when I look back I'll be glad there are pictures of me.

8. Eating whatever you want and not gaining weight does eventually catch up with you.

9. Kindness is important. So are genuine compliments.

23 things I've learnt in 23 years

10. Experiences are better than things

This doesn't mean I don't have a wish list as long as my arm. I do. But I've learnt that I should spend less time buying and more time doing. The experiences I've had especially during travelling outweigh owning lots of possessions.

11. It's ok not to have a plan.

12. Learning is good.

Since graduating university I actually miss learning. However, not all learning comes from university. I'm still learning everyday.

13. It's ok to be lazy.

14. Saying yes more is good but it's also ok to say no.

There's so much about saying yes and being spontaneous and that's great. I try and say yes to new things. But sometimes you need to say no. And this doesn't mean I'm boring.

15. Being popular is over rated.

I've never been in the popular group at school or university or even travelling. But it doesn't matter. It's not about how many people you know it's about how well you know them and how well you get along.

16. Walking in heels doesn't get easier with age. 

17. Enjoy every single moment.

23 things blog post

18. Friendships fade.

I use the word 'fade' because I think it describes what happens perfectly. You don't fall out. There's no drama. The friendship just fades. You grow apart.

In most cases I've found it's distance that has made friendships fade. But also lack of communication. I'm just as bad as the other person for not making the effort to message but it's hard when you're putting in all the work.

But it's ok. Because that's part of life and I still have amazing friends.

19. Gaining confidence is a slow process. 

20. Music can't fix everything but it helps. A lot. 

21. Reading is good and more time should be dedicated to it. 

I love a good book. Once I'm hooked I can finish a book in a couple of days or even a day! However, I'm easily sucked into tv series. It's so easy to put on Netflix and just watch that but reading is important to and something I need to start making more time for. I used to read all the time but now there's more unread books on my bookshelf than read ones!

22. It doesn't matter what other people think.

23. Life is to short to not follow your dream. 



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