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This is the first blog post I've posted since last October - it's been quite a break! There are various reasons for this break and I could make up excuses to why I haven't been blogging but the bottom line is I stopped enjoying it. Other factors included starting university; being in a new city and trying to get into the swing on university life did have an impact but if I'd really wanted to carry on blogging I could have. I didn't particularly want people from university knowing about my blog but again this is something that could have been overcome. But as I said the main reason was simply that I didn't enjoy it anymore. I didn't want to write any posts so I stopped.

However, now I'm ready to start again. After doing some travelling this summer I started reading more travel and lifestyle blogs rather than beauty and fashion. I discovered I didn't hate blogging, I just wasn't in love with what I had been writing about.  What I really enjoyed reading  about was travel and lifestyle and this was also what I wanted to start to write about. This blog was initially just a beauty blog but now I want to focus on these topics; topics I have a real passion for. 

I realised this half way through my third year at university but have only know decided to relaunch my blog. This is partly because to be able to write about travel I felt I had to first do some travelling! So that's what I've done this past summer. Obviously I didn't travel so I could write a blog I travelled anyway but it's given me the perfect opportunity to start afresh. I'm excited to blog about my travel experiences, I'm also happy that I can get back into blogging.

I've already started getting back into the social media side of blogging but the actual blogging part has taken a bit longer. I'm currently working on blog posts about my recent Interrail trip and will hopefully be able to share these very soon. I'm also looking into improving my blog layout by getting a new design. Initially I was going to wait until I had my new design before I started blogging again but have decided that I may as well start blogging whilst I decide what design I want. So this blog post is basically a lot of waffle that tells you that I'm back with a new direction for the blog and that blogging will continue shortly!


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