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Hong Kong
It's been over four months since I last wrote a blog post so I thought it was about time I came back online and said a quick hello. Quite a lot has happened in those four months, the biggest being my move to Hong Kong.

If you didn't already know from my here's to new adventures post I'm currently living in Hong Kong and will be for the foreseeable future which is both exciting and a little scary.

Living in Hong Kong

It's taken quite a while to adjust to living in a new country, while Hong Kong is pretty westernised there are still a lot of differences between living here and  England. I can no longer eavesdrop on people's conversations on my commute to work, baked beans on toast is not a cheap meal and I've completely given up on having hair that doesn't resemble a birds nest.

So what have I been up to in Hong Kong? 

Well, mostly working and settling into my new job but I've started working my way through my gigantic bucket list. You could quite easily see the main tourist attractions in a couple of days which is probably why so many people stop off in Hong Kong on the way to another destination or at the start of a backpacking trip. I have quite a lot longer than a few days here so am getting through the attractions quite slowly, that and the fact that I'm working most of the time. 

Wong Tai Sin temple Hong Kong

My restaurant list is a lot longer than my list of places to see. I don't even think I'll end up visiting all of them and I'll be here for a year! But I'll try my best. Now I have my blogging mojo back I want to write some posts about the best places to eat and where to go for brunch because there are plenty of brunch options in Hong Kong. 

I don't think I'll ever fully get used to living in Hong Kong. Sometimes I have pinch myself moments where I think 'wow, I actually did it', I'd always wanted to live in another country and I can now say I do. There are still plenty of adventures to have in Hong Kong and I'm going to try and be a better blogger and keep you all updated.

What have you guys been up to lately?


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