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Well, February went a lot quicker than January. Like, super quick. Blink and the month is done. I did manage to fit quite a lot in but I'm looking forward to March and hopefully some slightly warmer weather.


February in a nutshell 2018 post

I went to Copenhagen

Yes, I finally got to visit Copenhagen after a few failed attempts. It was cold but a lot of fun. I went with my mum and it really nice to have a mother, daughter trip. Although we did have a few minor arguments, including one that involved my mum moaning that I was taking too many pictures. Sorry, mum.

I did a lot of research for this trip and booked a few restaurants before we went so expect a post on where to eat. 

I visited a friend in London

Considering we've been friends for four years this was my first time visiting her in London. We lived together at uni and did some travelling together last year. Since then I haven't seen her very often so I hopped on a train one Sunday to have a day of eating in cute cafes.

We went to Elan Cafe which seems to be the new insta cafe. After reading some reviews online I was a bit worried that it was a place just for cute pics rather than good food. However, I was wrong. The brownie I had is up there in the top brownies I've ever had. And trust me, I've had a lot of brownies. I opted for the white chocolate and raspberry one and our waitress asked if I wanted to be heated up and I'm so glad she asked as it was so good. It must have looked good too as the girls on the table next to us ended up ordering after seeing me eat it.

Elan Cafe London

I booked a one-way ticket to Hong Kong 

Ok, I might have booked it on the 31st of January at about 10pm so it was practically February, right?! 

Anyway, the day of booking doesn't matter that much. I mean, I booked a one-way ticket to a country I've never been to before. I wrote about this in more detail in my here's to new adventures post so I won't bore you with the details again.

Lucky Charm latte Elan Cafe

I cut my hair!

It was a bit of a last minute decision. Well, I had been thinking about it for a year or so but the actual cutting of hair was last minute. I woke up, waited for my mum to get home from work and asked her to cut my hair. Yes, I got my mum to cut my hair. No, she's not a hairdresser. But I was only having a cut nothing fancy so I figured she could handle it.

I went from waist length hair to hair just below my shoulders and you know what? I'm actually so glad I finally cut it. I was a bit worried I'd regret it, especially the horrible grow out. But so far I'm very happy with my decision.

I had a movie night

Yes, a good old-fashioned movie night. With pizza and cookies. My friend and I try and have a get together at least once a month. This time instead of going out for dinner I asked her if she fancied coming over to mine for an evening of movies and food! I love eating out but having a movie night allowed us to have a better catch up. I also got that Dominos I'd been dreaming about for the last month!


1. Keep reading 

I'm happy to report that I am still reading. Not quite at the same pace as I was in January but I'm still doing a lot better than last year when I read five books in the whole year. Although, I now am reading two books at once which is never a good idea!

2. Get through my to-do list

This is also something that's being done but rather slowly. In really exciting news my new external hard drive arrived so I've been able to transfer everything over to that. I've also booked an appointment at the bank to talk about credit cards which makes me feel like I'm adulting but in reality, I'll probably have no idea what they're saying to me.

3. Reach 900 twitter followers

Just about! Right at this moment, I have exactly 900 followers. Whether that's still the case in a day or two, or even an hour or two remains to be seen!


I've decided not to set my self any goals for March, I have a massive to do list to sort before going to Hong Kong but I really don't think I need to bore you all with it.

I hope you all had a lovely February and are enjoying March! Personally, I'm loving the fact that it's still light after 5pm!


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  1. ahh I've always wanted to visit Copenhagen, it looks so beautiful. A one-way ticket to Hong Kong sounds INSANE what a brave move?!! You'll have to update us on how it goes! I resonate with your excitement about an external hard drive hahah my laptop is at breaking point regarding storage and I can't wait until I can absolutely bombard it with pointless crap again hahah.


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