In a Nutshell: January

Around the third week of January I started to feel like the month was going on forever, maybe it's just me I thought. Nope. Seems like the whole of Twitter was thinking the same thing. 

I actually quite like the fact that January went on forever, partly because February is going to fly by because it's such a short month. And partly because I have a countdown to something and still have loads to do for it so a slow month has made me feel a little less stressed.


January round up blog post  

Catching up with friends

My friend and I met for dinner and a good old gossip. We've been friends for 19 years, most of my other school friends have drifted away but even through university we've managed to not only stay in touch but we also still share a lot of the same interests. 

Going to a hen do

This was the first ever hen do I've attended. It wasn't the usual going out sort of hen do. We went for a meal and then to a casino. It was fun even if we ended up getting a parking ticket for parking right outside the restaurant! All part of the experience. 

I booked a trip to Copenhagen

After mentioning my plans to go to Copenhagen in my travelling for the sake of it post I finally booked the actual trip. I'm going the second week of February with my mum. I've already booked some places to eat and am in the midst of planning an itinerary out. If you've been to Copenhagen I'd love to read your posts!


January in a nutshell

I can't tell you how well I did with my goals in January because there weren't any. Instead, I wrote some goals for 2018 as a whole so I'll skip straight to the goals I'm setting myself for February. 

Keep reading

I've been really good lately at choosing to read before bed rather than sticking the next episode of whatever I'm watching on Netflix on. I'm currently reading 'First they killed my Father' which tells the story of Loung Ung and her family during the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. I first saw this book when I was visiting S21 which is the school that the Khmer Rouge turned into a centre where they tortured and executed thousands of people. I made sure I ordered the book once I was home from travelling as I wanted to learn more about what went on.

Get through my to-do list 

My to-do list is currently very long. Like, really long. I do have a great many smaller lists that are less distant future and more things to do this week. But the distant future list is quickly becoming this week list, meaning I need to get my bum in gear and start doing the jobs I've been putting off since the New Year.

Reach 900 followers on twitter

I've been rather inactive on twitter which is probably why I've been stuck between 880 and 890 followers for the last month. So my goal is to finally get to 900!

January  2018 round up

So there's my rather short January roundup. I'm planning on adding more to these types of posts so hopefully, the February nutshell post will be a little longer and more exciting! 

What did you get up to in January?


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