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Hong Kong
If you keep up to date with my posts you may remember that, long ago, I mentioned wanting to teach in Vietnam. This was soon forgotten both on the blog and in real life. Then I came home from travelling and started to hint in my monthly summary posts about sorting out my plans for 2018. 

Basically, I needed to get my shit together. But that took quite a while. However, I did start to do this and even hinted about making progress with project sort out my life. I was very vague and totally one of those people who say they have exciting news but don't tell you what it is. Except I didn't actually say I had exciting news so maybe I'm not that bad.

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In a Nutshell: January

Around the third week of January I started to feel like the month was going on forever, maybe it's just me I thought. Nope. Seems like the whole of Twitter was thinking the same thing. 

I actually quite like the fact that January went on forever, partly because February is going to fly by because it's such a short month. And partly because I have a countdown to something and still have loads to do for it so a slow month has made me feel a little less stressed.


January round up blog post  

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