New York | Photo Diary Day Five

On our fifth and last full day we ended to Central Park, our hotel was only about a ten minute walk so we stopped for coffee then headed there. As you can probably tell from the photos it was pretty cold when we went even though it was the beginning of April we were still wearing coats and scarves.

We ended to Belvedere Castle first then made our way down the park towards the strawberry fields and the fountain area which if you're a Gossip Girl fan will know is the area where Blair and Chuck got married. 

The Alice in Wonderland statue was one of my favourite things in Central Park, we managed to see it while it was quite quiet so managed to get some pictures without people standing in the way!

Sophie x 


New York | Photo Diary Day Four

I've finally got round to uploading another New York post, my summer was pretty hectic and I'm planning on blogging about my adventures so there will be quite a few travel posts coming up.

On our fourth day in New York we got up early and headed to the Statue of Liberty, it was pretty grey and windy so probably wasn't the best day to go there but we had already booked. We went up the Statue of Liberty but not to the crown as that was more money and we didn't think it would be worth it. The views of lower Manhattan were great apart from the lack of sun! We then headed over to Ellis Island where they have a museum all about immigrants who travelled to America. It didn't actually take as long as we thought to do both of the islands and we soon headed back to mainland to get some lunch.

We had lunch at a restaurant called The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog which served quite traditional english food, it served a lot of cocktails too but we didn't end up trying any. After lunch we headed to the 9/11 memorial I didn't take any photos of this. We then headed back to our hotel and had a chilled evening watching American TV. 

Sophie x


New York | Photo Diary Day Three

On our third day in New York we got up early and headed to Brooklyn, we got the subway there as our plan was to walk back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. Before doing this we stopped off at a small coffee shop, it was full of locals which was a nice change to the tourist filled Starbucks we'd previously been to. After this we went to get some pictures of the bridge and then walked over it, after spending a good couple of minutes working out how to actually get onto it!

The Brooklyn Bridge was one of the highlights of my trip as it was great for photographs and offered amazing views of Manhattan, it was also the first day I got to wear my sunglasses! Once we finished walking over the bridge we headed towards Wall Street for the obligatory pictures; we also saw the charging bull but there was a mass crowd around it so getting a good picture was practically impossible. We ended up eating at an Irish restaurant and then headed back to the hotel for an early night and some American TV.

Brooklyn Bridge

Close up view Brooklyn Bridge

New York skyline from Brooklyn

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge

View of Empire State building on Brooklyn Bridge

Cars on Brooklyn Bridge

New York stock exchange building

Wall Street New York City

Sophie x 


New York | Photo Diary Day Two

On the second day of our trip we got up early and caught the tube to the Rockefeller centre we decided to go early to beat the crowds, after this we headed to 5th Avenue and did a bit of shopping. We then went to Panera Bread for lunch, they do my favourite chicken noodle soup which is annoying seeing as we don't have it in the UK. After this we headed towards the Empire State after a quick stop off at Grand Central station mostly because I felt it was a necessary visit after watching Gossip Girl. We then waited for it to get dark and went up the Empire State. We chose to do both the Rockefeller and Empire State so we could see the view both in the day and once it was dark. While seeing the Empire State from the Rockefeller centre was amazing the view from the Empire State was even more magical.

View of the empire state building from the Rockefeller centre

Chrysler Building New York City

Top of the Rock entrance

Fifth Avenue sign New York City

Inside the Grand Terminal New York

Sophie x 


New York | Photo Diary Day One

I was lucky enough to go to New York at the end of March for a week, it was quite a surreal experience after wanting to go there for so long. Exam revision has been taking over my life for the past month or so but It's been a long time since I posted on here! University took over and I never got round to posting but I thought I'd have a break and share some of the photos from my trip. I'm planning on doing a post for each day as there's a lot of photos!

The first full day was spent in and around Times Square doing what a lot of people do in New York: shopping. We also had tickets to see Wicked for the evening, I have to say I wasn't really sure what to expect but the show was amazing and I would definitely recommend it. I didn't actually take that many photos on the first day as I spent most of it shopping but here here are some photos:

Wicked broadway show

Police horse in Times Square

Adverts in Times Square

Times Square New York

Sophie x


What I Got For Christmas 2014

First off Happy New Year! Hopefully you've all had a great start to the year. I haven't blogged in over two months but I'm hoping to blog more this year by getting better at balancing uni work and using my free time more wisely (blogging rather than spending half a day in bed watching Netflix). I'm also hoping to figure out how I can take better photos in my uni room as it is dark pretty much all of the time.

I thought I'd share with you what I got for Christmas as I always enjoy reading these posts. The main thing I asked for from my parents was spending money for New York. They also got me quite a few books including the Alice in Wonderland one which has such a pretty cover and a guide to New York for when we go in March. Although I managed to confuse the guide book with atlas of the world and took a picture of that instead (whoops), this is what happens when you have to rush to take photos before the sun goes in.  My mum also kindly got me the Statue of Liberty Pandora charm. The costa cup was from my brother and he actually chose it himself rather than my mum getting him something to give to me so I was pretty impressed and am looking forward to using it when I get back to uni. My nan got me the Champney's manicure set as she knows how much I like to paint my nails.

The straighteners, perfume and Naked palette are all presents I chose myself with the money my nan gave me. These are actually the first pair of straighteners I've ever owned as I never used to bother much with my hair but after using my friends straighteners I decided it was time to invest in some of my own. I quite like using them to make my hair wavy although I haven't quite perfected my waves yet. The owl hooks were from my parents because I love owls and because at the moment I have no hooks in my uni room which means my coats end up either on my bed or in a heap on my chair.

One of my favourite presents is the little dog, my mums work colleague actually made it! It's made from felt and is super cute!

So that's an overall of what I got for Christmas. I wasn't in quite so much of a Christmassy mood this year, I feel as I've gotten older I've begun to feel less excited about the whole build up to Christmas (uni exams and revision don't help much either). But on the day I actually rather enjoyed myself, it was nice to eat as much food as I wanted, spend time with my family and forget for a while about all the revision I had to do.

What was your favourite gift that you received? If you've done a what I got for Christmas post then feel free to leave a link to it in the comments as I'd love to have a nosey.

Sophie x

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