Trip to London

Recently my friends and I went on a mini break to London in late June and I thought I would share a couple of photos of what we got up too. This post was meant to go up nearer the time that we went but I never got round to sorting it out, but better late than never.

Four days in London

On the first day we headed towards M and M world as none of us had been, in all honesty none of us thought it was that great but it was still fun to explore.

We then visited Trafalgar Square which we all really enjoyed, it was nice to just be able to sit and relax

The Second day we decided to visit Buckingham Palace as not all of us had been there before, it was very busy but was still worth doing.  

The rest of day two and some of day three weren't quite so fun , I ended up getting ill while we were in Primark Oxford Street which wasn't fun so we headed back to our hotel early. The next morning was spent in the hotel room, my friends were great at looking after me though and even danced a Gangham Style to cheer me up, I won't insert the video as they probably would never talk to me again.

We did however go to the theatre to watch Mamma Mia in the evening as I refused to miss out on going and felt a lot better by the afternoon. On the way to the theatre we popped into Boots to do some shopping and somehow lost track of time so had to rush to the theatre and run up the stairs, we were in the balcony area so there were a lot of stairs! But we made it and thoroughly enjoyed the show so I would definitely recommend it to you all.

So all in all we had a lovely time and hopefully will be able to go on another mini break next summer minus the being ill part!

Have you been anywhere exciting this summer? I'd love to read about any holidays if you have done a blogpost on them.

Sophie x


Room Tour

So this is a post I like to read as I love being nosy so I thought I would do one myself. I did do a post that was sort of a room tour way back when I first started blogging but it didn't show everything and I have some new bits and bobs. I am happy with my room but its not perfect just yet.

My exams finish next week (yay) so I should be posting more regularly.

Sophie x


Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

First off I haven't blogged in a very long time! I'll probably do an update post some time soon. So you probably all know about galaxy nails and some of you probably already know how to do them but I thought I'd do a tutorial anyway. I've never attempted them as I always assumed they would be hard but they are actually really easy (and this is coming from someone who is rubbish at nail art!)

Firstly these are the nail varnishes and equipment I used. I know some galaxy nails have red or yellow so I guess you can play around with the colours you want. The glitter needs to be quite sparse so it doesn't cover the nail too much. If you don't have a dotting tool then a cocktail stick should be fine. Like wise with the sponge any will do, if it's a larger one just cut it down to size.

Galaxy Nail art tutorial

Galaxy Nail Art

Step One: 

Paint the whole nail black (or put a base coat on if you want, I'm lazy!) , make sure it dries properly before you move on.

Step Two: Put some of the blue nail varnish onto your sponge and dab it diagonally across the nail (you could do it in a different shape I just find diagonal easiest). Blend it well. You should be able to see the blue on the picture below. Please ignore the random cat nail (nail art gone wrong!!!)

Galaxy Nail art tutorial theomgdiaries.com

Step Two: 

Now get your purple and dab it at the top and bottom of the blue section

Nail art tutorial galaxy nails

Step Three: 

Do the same with the white but even less, dab this around/on the blue and purple areas

galaxy nail art

Step Four:

Use the pink to go over the white slightly, I placed the pink more randomly than any of the other colours, your purple might be brighter than mine so you may not need a pink.

galaxy nail art step by step

Step Five: 

Use your dotting tool to place white dots on the nail, do them quite randomly rather than spaced out equally.

how to do galaxy nail art
step by step nail art

Step Six: 

Last step! Use your glitter to go over the nails. My glitter gave quite a glossy finish so I didn't bother with a top coat but you might want too. ( Again partly because I was lazy!). I found it's not until this step that the nails start looking like a galaxy.

Topshop glitter nail varnish

easy nail art tutorials

easy galaxy nail art tutorial

easy step by step for galaxy nail art

Galaxy Nail Art easy tutorial

So I hope that made sense, I'm not the best at giving instructions! I also did some video tutorials on keek if anyone has that, my username is "theomgdiaries". Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly soon!


Hope everyone's Easter was good!

Sophie x

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