My Week #5

I'm a week behind with these posts, I was meant to publish this early last week but never got round to it because of my essay. I thought I'd post it anyway and then post Halloween week at the end of this week. 

1- I picked up the boots Christmas catalogue during a break at uni, the catalogue always gets me excited for Christmas and theres some really nice sets this year. 

2- I try not to spend too much during breaks on campus but when there's a Starbucks and a Costa it's quite tempting to buy a nice warm drink. I bought this one mostly because I didn't think I'd be able to stay awake during my last lecture of the day!

3- Stocking up for Halloween. I was going to go as a dead doll but I changed my mind so didn't need the bright pink blusher but it was only a £1 and I'm sure it will come in handy for something. 

4- The view from my bedroom window, I can see some of the uni campus in the distance because my house is on a hill. It's also the perfect view for all the fireworks from the past couple of days.

5- Essay writing, my first essay deadline was Monday so I'm able to relax for a little bit before  Ineed to start stressing about writing the next one.

6 - My uni friends got me this mug for my birthday and I love it! Definitely the perfect my for me.

7- I've been on quite a few nights out recently as I thought it would be best to enjoy having a social life before all the deadlines suddenly built up.

8- The dress I wore for one of my Halloween nights out, I was trying to go for a Wednesday Addams kind of vibe.

Sophie x

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