November Goals 2016

November Goals 2016
Technically, we're already 19 days into November (well not technically we definitely are). But that still gives me 11 days to tick off my goals. I decided I'd put a post together, even though it's late, to help me focus on the goals I want to achieve. Hopefully documenting them will make me more likely for me to achieve them! 

I think the goals for the rest of November are quite manageable. I wanted to start my monthly goals quite small rather than ones that would end up being unrealistic; especially with only 11 days left. So here they are:

1. Finish reading my book 

Since returning from my interrail trip I've been seriously lacking in the reading department. In fact even on the trip I was slacking, I didn't finish one single book in the five and a half weeks! Compare this to reading eight books on my three week trip to Mexico and there's a big difference. This may be due to the interrail trip being more on the go but anyway I'm digressing, back to the goal.

The book I'm currently reading is a charity shop find (anyone else love a good mooch in a charity shop?!). It's a Stephen King book called Joyland and I'm really enjoying it. I'm already half way through so this goal should be very achievable. I'm also hoping to start reading another book before the end of the month.

2. Start the 30 day shred

I've been in denial since I've returned from my summer travels about weight gain. But it's a fact. One which was reaffirmed today when I put my pyjama bottoms on to find that they were tight. Well they must have shrunk in the wash. That's fine. I'll just wear some others. Nope these are also too tight. It's me not the bottoms. *goes to eat a cupcake to make self feel better about realisation*.True story. 

I need some sort of exercise routine to help me get back to the weight I was before the summer and this seems like the perfect one. I also do zero exercise at the moment (apart from walking up and down the stairs, does that even count?) so I need something that will be fairly manageable. 

I'm not just doing this to lose weight I also want to improve my fitness. Because it's embarrassing always being the one at the back of a hike and having to pretend your taking a picture of the landscape to hide the fact that you can no longer breath. True story also. 

3. Buy my own domain

Now I'm back blogging I really want to get rid of the blogspot from my URL. At the moment I'm researching the best place to buy my domain from so any advice would be appreciated! I'm also looking into getting a new layout because mines a mess! 

4. Create a blog schedule 

Now I'm blogging again I really want to get organised. I know some people don't like scheduling but for someone who's very good at procrastinating (*raises hand*) a schedule will help me stay focused so I can blog more consistently. 

5. Reach 350 Twitter followers

I've started using twitter more and more. It's great interacting with other bloggers. I'm currently at 318 followers so I think this is quite a reasonable goal. I know it's not all about followers but I like having something to work towards.

6. Comment on more blogs 

I feel I need to share the love a bit more. I always forget to leave a comment on blogs even ones that I've really enjoyed reading. I'm going to commit more time to commenting to let people know that I've enjoyed their post. 

Six goals for 11 days. Let's see how I get on! What are your goals for the rest of November?



  1. Getting my own domain would be amazing!!!! But I also just been focusing on finding blogs I like to read and comment. Working on my craft

    Good luck


    1. Same! I think it's important to focus on the blog and actual content before setting up a domain xx

  2. I got my domain from Go Daddy and I haven't had any problems so far! I was so happy that I made the switch to a custom domain, it made all the difference.


    1. I think I'll probably get mine from Go Daddy as quite a few people have bought theres from there. I'm looking forward to finally getting rid of the blogspot from my URL! x


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