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Last week my mum and I decided to have a day out to Highclere Castle, if your a Downton Abbey fan like I am then you'll probably know this is where it is set. It was around a two hour drive from where I live which meant a early morning but it was worth the drive. We didn't have tickets and the online ones were all sold out which is another reason we had to get there early to ensure the on the day tickets hadn't sold out. We got there at around half nine and first went to get a coffee to wake ourselves up, after this we went to look around inside the house. Photography was not allowed within the house, although this rule obviously didn't apply to a hand full of people who still snapped away. I still managed to get lots of pictures of the outside of the house and the gardens so I thought I would share them with you.


We took some sandwiches with us, luckily the weather was nice enough to eat outside, we were finished by around half one so I'd say it's more of a half day thing as I doubt many people spend a full day there. Even though it only took us half the day to look around I'd definitely say it's worst a visit if your a fan of Downton Abbey.

Sophie x 


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  2. these photos look great! xx



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