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I guess you could say that this post is a little late. But better late than never right?

I very nearly didn't bother with this post. I have a tendency to choose some goals and then forget them until the last week in December when I decide to have a look at them to see if I actually achieved any. 

But this year I'm determined to firstly, remember my goals for the whole year and secondly choose goals I can actually achieve. 

Sometimes I think it's good to have goals that are a bit more ambitious, however, this year I've decided that personally, I'm going to stick to realistic goals. Well, ones I think are realistic at this point in time! 

2018 goals

1. Read 20 books

I seem to fail with my reading goals everytime I write about them in my monthly summary posts. However, this year I'm really trying to up my reading game. I'm on my third book of the year which is pretty good going for me, especially as I read a grand total of five in 2017!

I'm currently reading The Stand by Stephen King which is an extremely large book so it might take me some time to get through. I've also downloaded the Good Reads app so I can track what I'm reading and so far it's encouraged me to read instead of watching Netflix.

2. Get fit and lose a stone

I'm being more specific because I think this will help me stay on track of my goals better. My main focus is to get fit because my mum, who's in her 50's is fitter than me and that's slightly embarrassing! 

However, I do also want to lose weight. I've been doing more exercise since December but need to create a better workout routine. The main reason I want to lose weight is that I quite literally do not fit into half of my clothes anymore and I can't justify buying a whole new wardrobe! 

Goals for 2018 blog post

3. Visit five new places

I could easily just put travel more but that's very subjective, travelling more could mean visiting one new place to one person or 20 new places to another person. 

Why five? Because I think it's a fairly realistic number. I've got a trip to Copenhagen booked and I'm also going to Hong Kong so that's two new countries but I don't want to just say new countries because there are so many places in countries I've already been to that I'd love to explore. 

I'm hoping to do a trip to Shenzen in China while I'm in Hong Kong so that's another place. And as for the other two places who knows! I'd love to see even more new places but who knows what will happen in the rest of 2018.

4. Finish Google Garage

I started doing this once I got back from Asia but it got forgotten as other things took over. I want to finish it before April so I'm currently working my way through it. I want to complete this in part to improve my knowledge of the subject but also to hopefully improve the way I blog as well.

Goals for 20185. Finish my travel journals

So, I have about three journals/scrapbooks on the go. None of which are finished. I need to spend some time getting creative. It will be a real shame if I don't finish these so I'm doing this for my future self! 

6. Grow my blog

Ok, this one is rather vague. Partly because I'm still working out the direction I want to take my blog and how I can do this. I also want to grow my social media, improve how I use Pinterest and actually gain some Instagram followers rather than losing them!

My goals for 2018 blog post


I could have written another ten or so goals but some are more personal and some are very boring! I'd love to hear about your own 2018 goals!


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  1. I love posts like these! So cool you went to Asia, I'm going in a few weeks and I'm very excited but also very nervous (mainly nervous about border crossing though). I would like to read 20 books as well, at the moment I'm reading The Great Gatsby which I love, I have never actually read whole Stephen King book, I really enjoy them but they can be so lengthy (aka The Shining and It). I think I need to read one of his short stories as those will probably be the perfect length for me. If you want a book recommendation I recently read 'When I Was Five I Killed Myself' which is a very strange novel but I thoroughly enjoyed, and (despite being written by an American) is apparently a classic in France. Just found your blog and love it btw :)x

    1. How fab, I hope you have an amazing time, Asia is amazing! Yes, so many of his books are very long, I also gave up in IT! I'd recommend Carrie or Misery if you want to read some of his shorter books. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll add it to my 'to read' shelf on Goodreads! x


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