My Week #3

1-2: Technically these aren't pictures from my week but my flatmate got her disposable camera developed and it had some photos from when we went to Amsterdam way back in January. It was great to finally see the pictures and luckily they'd all developed properly.

3: I went up to my new university house on Thursday to move some stuff in, this picture was taken before I'd moved most of it into the room. There's still more to move such as clothes but I'll take them when I actually move in.

4: On Tuesday and Wednesday I did some babysitting, it was spent mostly watching cbeebies most of the shows I'd never seen before but the Tweenies was on at one point which was weird as I used to watch that when I was little.

5: I ended up getting a mild cold at the start of the week, luckily it didn't last very long!

6: I finished reading Gone Girl, I have to say at first I found it quite hard to get into at first, the story didn't quite grip me but after a while I really got into it and I would recommend it.

7: Cinema! I went to see Before I Go To Sleep with my mum, we'd both read the book so wanted to see what the film was like. It was quite good but they had changed a few bits some of which where fine but sometimes I did wonder why they had bothered changing certain parts of it.

8: Packing for university, I move back to university next Sunday so I decided I would start packing some clothes I knew I wouldn't be wearing between now and Sunday. I didn't think I had that much more that needed to be moved into my new room after taking most of it on Thursday but after looking in my wardrobe I think I may have underestimated the amount of things I own!

So that's what I've been up to over the past week, quite a busy week compared to what I usually get up to!


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