Homeware Haul

homeware haul

At the end of August I went to visit my friend Emily in Winchester, whilst I was visiting we went into Southampton for the day and ended up spending a lot of our time in the Ikea. I helped Emily pick out some things for her new room and also picked up some bits for myself. I probably would have got more but I had to get it home which involved going on the underground so I didn't want to risk buying lots of items.

The green vase, floral mat and two candle holders where from Ikea and only cost me £5.50 overall which I thought was really good. As you can see I'm storing some of my lip products in the candle holder. I think I am going to use the vase for makeup brushes, the mat is going to go on my desk and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use the other candle holder/plate for, I bought it because it looked pretty!

The throw is from Primark (£10), they also did it in a lovely mint colour but I decided the grey would work better with my bedding.  Lastly on the way back from Emily's I popped into a shop called Joy at the Waterloo train station in London, where I picked up the small bowl for £3.50, they had a few other patterns too. I think I'm going to use it to store rings in.

Ikea homeware haul

homeware haul ikea

I'm very happy with all my purchases and think they will help make my university room look a bit nicer


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