20 Facts About Me

Today I thought I'd do a post where you could get to know me a bit better, I tried to make the facts as exciting as I could!

1. I study philosophy at Nottingham University

2. I'm left handed

3. I prefer pepsi to coke, I think it has more of a flavour

4. I once knocked my friends two front teeth out, by accident of course! Luckily it was when we still had baby teeth so her teeth grew back.

5. I like to people watch, I can easily just sit somewhere and watch people walk by (in a none creepy way).

6. I prefer potatoes to chips which might be a bit weird. If we ever go to a pub type place and say they have chicken and chips I'll always ask if I can swap the chips for potatoes and if they're are peas in the meal I ask for those to be swap to beans.

7. I usually spend most of my days wearing my pyjama bottoms if I'm just going to be in the house all day, they're just so much comfier to wear.

8. My first concert was S Club 7, I'm also hoping the rumours that they are doing another tour are true so I can relive my childhood!

9. I used to to volunteer at an animal shelter, I did it every saturday for about a year and a half, it was actually quite hard work as there was lots of animals to feed and clean out not to mention numerous walks to put the bin bags in the giant bins. The winters were the worst or when it rained but I enjoyed seeing all the animals and feeling like I was helping out. I was usually assigned the rabbits as I was small enough to get into their hutches (not the usual ones, these where bigger, there is no way I would get into a normal one!)

10. I have never seen a full episode of Friends, in all honestly it's never really appealed to me.

11. I really hate phoning people up, especially people I don't know, I get really nervous for some reason.

12. I rarely wear my hair up, I feel like I look like a boy if I do!

13. If I'm buying something and there's more than one of them or more than one of my size I will check to see which one is the best. Especially if there is a pattern on a piece of clothing I'll see which one has the best distribution of the pattern.

14. I'm quite indecisive, even with small things like picking what colour scarf to buy!

15. I hate cinnamon, the taste and smell, just everything about it.

16. My favourite ice cream flavour is half baked by Ben and Jerry's, you get cookie dough and chocolate ice cream which is great as the only thing I don't like about cookie dough is that the ice cream is vanilla.

17. My favourite colour is probably mint or duck egg blue.

18. I get anxious very easily to the point where I am sick, not fun.

19. I love bags I think they're 'my thing' some people like collecting shoes I like collecting bags. Plus they'll always fit you whether you gain or lose weight.

20. I've never dyed my hair, I've never really wanted to although I wish I was confident enough to experiment with hair colours and styles more.

Sophie x

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