Summer Summary

I wish I could say I spent the summer in a far off land discovering myself or spending my weekends at festivals with my friends but unfortunately I can't. In all honesty the majority if not all of my summer would be considered pretty boring but having said that I have to admit that I didn't mind that much. I still managed to have a good summer so I thought I'd do a round up post.

Summer summary
1: My summer holiday started way back at the start of June when I finished my exams, term didn't technically finish until the 20th of June but I was officially free from exams and so my flatmates and I were able to make the most of campus.We're lucky enough to have a lovely lake on campus and so we started our summer by taking some Pimms down to the lake and then hiring a boat. I discovered I'm pretty bad at rowing and steering a boat!

2: It was my mums birthday the day after exams finished so got a train home and we went out for a meal to celebrate. We went to Rushton Hall, which is near Kettering, i'd recommend it if you live in that area. The mini macaron was so cute so I couldn't help taking a picture of it, it was also extremely yummy!

3-6: These are all photos from a day festival I went to called the No Tomorrow festival, it was held at Wollaton house. It was my first experience of a festival and whilst it was only quite a small one it was still a good day out. I painted my nails in a galaxy design (tutorial here) and decided to dress as festively as I could! My favourite acts from the day were Clean Bandit and Sam Smith.

7: My last night out as a fresher, may I add I was completey sober in this picture! It was quite sad as it was the last time I saw some of my university friends and I haven't seen them all summer so it will be great to be reunited with them next week.

8: More yummy food! My nan turned 80 in June and we went for an afternoon tea, it was at Rushton Hall again and was extremely yummy. They're were more macarons, these ones were apple flavoured. 

9: This is me doing some weird pose outside my halls on our last day, we'd just been given our results and I had passed with a 2:1 so I was very happy. The second window on the bottom floor was my room so it was right by the entrance which did get annoying but I managed to get used to the noise. It's quite sad thinking I'll never go back to the flat again especially as this year I'm living on the other side of campus so won't really ever be in that area.

summer summary blog post

10-11: My second festival of the summer, again I just went for the day. The main reason I went was to see Linkin Park, I went with my mum as she likes them too, we both had a lot of fun even if my mum was paranoid that someone was going to throw a bottle full of wee at her!

12: I spent a lot of time with my cats this summer which resulted in more than one or two cat selfies.

13: I decided to get my hair cut after having it the same length for about three years, it wasn't a massive difference but it felt a lot better after the chop.

14: Visiting Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) was a lot of fun, going around the house and remembering someone actually lived there was weird as it's so big! (full post here)

15: Reuniting with school friends, I was able to see my friend Emily twice, once at the start of the summer and once nearer the end. I also had a meal with some other school friends such as Kavita who's in the photo above.


So that's my summer, looking back on it I've done more than I thought, I think it's just because most of the things I did were right at the start of the summer and seem so long ago. What did you get up to over the summer?


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