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Today I thought I would put together a list of things to take to university for those going in September, you've most likely already purchased most things but it is always good to double check you have everything you need. This isn't a definite list and some of the things on the list aren't necessities, for example I took a cheese grater with me but ended up always buying grated cheese as I only ever used cheese for jacket potatoes etc, so you may find you take things that you don;t actually use.

I was provided with a toaster, kettle etc but one of my friends had to buy her own so you may want to check what's provided before you go and buy things.
Plates and bowls
Frying pans and saucepans
Cutlery (if possible ones that are easily identifiable so people don't end up thinking that your cutlery is theres)
Chopping board (i'd recommend two, one for vegetables and one for meat)
Potato masher
Can opener
Cheese grater
Pizza cutter
Casserole dish
Baking trays
Oven glove
Measuring cups (optional)
Tea towels
Vegetable peeler
Cleaning products (you'll most likely have a cleaner but having your own cleaning products is helpful incase you need to clean something you spill etc)
Bottle opener
Wooden spoons, spatulas etc
Mugs, glasses, a travel cup to take hot drinks to university with
Containers that can be frozen so you can cook bigger portions and freeze some
Containers / lunch box to take food onto campus with
Tin foil / cling film
Washing up liquid
Cupboard essentials - tea, coffee , salt etc

Mattress protector (this may already be provided)
Bedding (duvet, pillows etc)
Coat hangers (I recommend the non slip ones, you can get them from Primark)
Things from home (pictures, decorations, posters - my uni had a poster fair in the first term which sold cheap posters)
Stationary - post it notes, sellotape, hole punch, stapler, paperclips etc
Pen pot / pencil case (I had both but found I never ended up taking my pencil case to lectures, I just took a couple of pens and a highlighter in my bag instead, but depending on your course you may need more equipment for your lectures)
Envelopes (optional, but they may be useful if you need to send a letter)
Printer (again optional, I took one and found it useful as I didn't have to worry about having to go somewhere to print my essays off as I could do it then and there)
Lamp (optional, they may provide you with one, I took my own and had it by my bed for reading)
Magazine files (to store documents etc)
Water bottle
Clothes horse
Laundry basket
Door stop
Extension leads
Sleeping bag (incase friends stay over)
Alarm clock
Ear plugs
Memory stick
First aid kit (plasters, paracetamol etc)
Washing powder / tablets
Washing bags ( I don't know what these are actually called but the little net bags you can put in the washing machine, these are handy for underwear or more delicate things that need washing)

Tooth brush etc
Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, skincare etc)
Toilet paper
Bin (optional and may already be provided)
Cleaning products (floor wipes, bathroom wipes etc)
Towels (hand and bath towels)
Bath mat (depending what type of bathroom you have, mine was a wet room styled bathroom so a bath mat was no good to me)
Toilet brush (mine was already provided)
Stick on storage baskets (if you have tiled walls these are handy, i had one in th shower and one by my sink with all my skincare products, you can get them quite cheap from Tk maxx or Home Bargains)

Driving license to use for ID
Passport (optional but I find it was handy to have it as there was a trip to Amsterdam organised)
Bank documents (things you need for your online banking etc)
University documents (such as things for registration and your acceptance letter)
Student loan documents
National Insurance number and CV's if you plan on looking for a job
Doctor and dentist details

Hopefully this list has been useful for anyone who is off to university, like I said not everyone will want or need to take everything on this list. I also know some people advise buying certain kitchen things with your flat mates so you don't end up with five can openers but I think taking your own is a good idea as even if you have spoken to your flat mates on Facebook etc you never know whether you'll actually get along enough to be willing to share things once you are at university.

Sophie x

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