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Disclaimer - if you don't like cats it's probably best you just skip this post! 

Ok so I'm kind of a self confessed crazy cat lady, I'd happily live with about ten cats that I rescued from cat shelters but sadly I can't. But it's all ok as I have my two lovely cats Manya and Purdy. They are our only family pets although my brother does have a snake but she's only small, my mum said he could have anything as long as it wasn't a tarantula! My mum chose both of the cats names, Manya apparently means 'star of the sea' or 'bitter' I think I'll go with the first meaning! I'm definitely a cat person rather than a dog person, this is probably partly because I've always had cats as pets. I have nothing against dogs but I think I'll always remain a cat person. I like that they are independent and choose to live with you, there also great for cuddles too (well when they're in a good mood!). I also think cats pull the best faces! Seriously if looks could kill I'd be dead by now with the amount of dirty looks I've had from Purdy!


Manya is around three, we got her from the Cats Protection charity. They didn't exactly know what had happened to her, whether she had been thrown out or had just run away but they found her and her five kittens on the streets. All of her kittens had been rehomed when we went to visit her, but we didn't want a young kitten, I think she was around 8 months to a year when we got her so she had had her kittens very young when she was practically a kitten herself! Because of this she is a very small cat which is probably why she has the nickname of Minnie. She likes to explore in the garden in the summer or sleep on my bed which is where she is as I'm writing this. I think she likes it when I go to university as she gets the whole bed to herself.


Purdy is around 7, we had two black cats (Ebony and Dusky) that we had had since before I was born when we got Purdy. We weren't actually planning on getting another cat but my friends cat had kittens and so being me I had to go and see them and once I saw them I really wanted one! My mum wasn't sure but I came up with the cunning plan that if I took my mum to see the kittens then she wouldn't be able to say no and it worked! Purdy was the only girl out of the four, our old neighbours actually ended up with one of her brothers and so they used to play with each other in the garden which was quite cute. She likes her cuddles but can get a bit moody, lets just say I would't risk picking her up when she's in one of her moods!

Just incase you hadn't had too many cat pictures already I thought I'd put a little collage together, the two left pictures are Manya and the two right ones are Purdy. As you can see I like to put hats on them! I also Skype them when I'm at university, well I Skype my parents but say hello to the cats if they're around which is what I'm doing in the second picture. I was a bit worried that once I went to uni they'd forget about me or be annoyed at me for leaving them but they have been fine although I'm not sure I'm Purdy's favourite anymore.

So this post has probably just made you realise that I am a c but I thought the pictures were too cute not to share! Do you have any pets?

Sophie x 

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