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Way back in 2014, the 20th of July if we're being precise, I made a 101 in 1001 days list. Incase you don't know what ones of these lists is, its a list of 101 things you want to do or achieve in the 1001 days. You can pick anything you want. I sorted my list into categories to make it a bit easier to read. I'm not going to rewrite all of my list in this post but feel free to check it out. Instead, I thought I'd write about and reflect upon some of the key things I managed to tick off and some of the ones that I never got round to doing.


Seeing as this is the first category in my list it seemed like the perfect place to start my review. I am not a health freak nor do I love exercise. In fact, I suck at keeping fit which is one of the reasons I chose this as a category. I have to say I didn't tick off as many things in this category as I would have liked.

I did manage to go without chocolate for a week and have since also gone without. A big success for a chocoholic. 

Going to the gym also got ticked off, although 'going to the gym' equates to about six trips so not that great...

There was a lot I didn't do in this category. The yoga class never happened. Nor did the 30 day squat challenge. I think I managed a two day squat challenge. 

Oh and I never got round to going for that run. 

But I'm even more motivated to improve my fitness now I've looked back and realised how terribly I did in this category. Hopefully, I'll tick some of these off in the future!


A much better category! Because I actually ticked off a lot. And unlike going to the gym I enjoy travelling!

When I made my list I hadn't really left the country other than a couple of school trips and family holidays. By the time my 1001 days were up I'd visited 14 new countries. On the list I wrote that I'd like to visit three countries so while I don't like getting too caught up with counting countries I'm pretty happy with how many countries I visited in the 1001 days.

The first thing in this category was a trip to New York. I'd dreamt of visiting the city for years and finally booked a trip with my mum in 2015.  I really did fall in love with New York and would love to go back and explore the less touristy parts.

I also managed went to my first festival, went to three concerts, travelled through Europe and went on a girls holiday!


This category began with a very general 'improve my cooking skills' something that you can't just tick off. 

However, I did tick it off because my cooking skills have definitely improved. 

I think I have university to thank for that. I'm not saying university is the only place to improve your cooking but for me it was the place where I learnt to cook more than pasta and beans on toast (neither of which are really cooking!). 


Well, I managed to graduate university so I guess that's a pretty major achievement; especially as I wanted to drop out for the first six months I was there. 

I also wrote a letter to myself for when I graduated. I read it after my graduation and a lot of what I'd written about such as my hopes for uni etc had happened which was great! 

One of my biggest regrets was never doing a year abroad at university. However, I don't regret it completely because I wouldn't of had some of the memories / experiences I did have if I'd gone abroad. I do wish I'd done a four year course though so I could of fitted it in.


This section I didn't do very well in. Probably because I gave up blogging and had a massive break before relaunching and focusing on travel. 

So I'm yet to reach 300 followers or post 200 blog posts but I'm not bothered. I've learnt that numbers aren't always that important. 

I did go to my first (and only) blogger event at the Lush in Nottingham which was quite a big achievement for someone who gets anxious meeting up with friends they've known for years. 


This section wasn't a complete it and tick it off. 

It was more gradual. You can't just suddenly become more confident, it takes time.

Upon reflection though I have definitely become more confident and done more things outside of my comfort zone now compared to back in 2014 when I wrote the list. So I think I can finally tick it off.


My scrapbook is still unfinished. 

So are the other two I've also started. My creativity comes in waves.

I did of course manage to watch 50 new films which is pretty easy when you have a Netflix subscription and many hours to avoid doing revision.

I'm still trying to answer the 50 questions that will free your mind and still need to have my Harry Potter marathon.


I managed to tick of a lot of things in the category. I'm still in touch with some of my school friends,. In fact I'm writing this after getting back from lunch with one of them.

I raised £200 for the Save the Children charity whilst at university which is probably one of the biggest achievements I've had from this list!

I also got contact lenses but am still creeped out by them and am yet to confidently put them in my eye without feeling like I'm going to poke my eyeball. Eurgh.


I haven't bothered writing about each category in my list because I don't really think things like use a whole bottle of nail varnish up are worth talking about. Although I guess I did just talk about it. If you're wondering I never ticked it off the list! 

Have you got a 101 in 1001 list or maybe a 25 before 25 list? Let me know because I love reading through them!


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