New York | Photo Diary Day Two

On the second day of our trip we got up early and caught the tube to the Rockefeller centre we decided to go early to beat the crowds, after this we headed to 5th Avenue and did a bit of shopping. We then went to Panera Bread for lunch, they do my favourite chicken noodle soup which is annoying seeing as we don't have it in the UK. After this we headed towards the Empire State after a quick stop off at Grand Central station mostly because I felt it was a necessary visit after watching Gossip Girl. We then waited for it to get dark and went up the Empire State. We chose to do both the Rockefeller and Empire State so we could see the view both in the day and once it was dark. While seeing the Empire State from the Rockefeller centre was amazing the view from the Empire State was even more magical.

View of the empire state building from the Rockefeller centre

Chrysler Building New York City

Top of the Rock entrance

Fifth Avenue sign New York City

Inside the Grand Terminal New York

Sophie x 

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  1. I'm desperate to go to New York, I'm so jealous! Also I love your picture of the view!! Thanks for sharing x


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