Exploring Mostar

Exploring Mostar

Mostar is situated on the Neretva river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bridge was destroyed in the 1990s and wasn't rebuilt until 2004. The bridge, as well as the Old Town area, is now a UNESCO heritage site. It was also my second stop on my interrail trip.

We travelled by bus from Split, which took around 4 hours and cost us 69 Croatian Kuna (£7.90). We thought it was a direct bus but we ended up having to change bus, once we were in Bosnia, for the last half an hour or so. We only had one full day in Mostar, we'd planned on having another half day but we stayed in Split for longer so we could have a day trip to Hvar 

There are various places to visit around Mostar and our hostel offered a tour of some of these. However, due to time constraints we chose to prioritise the actual town. I do wish we'd had time to see the surrounding area but who knows, maybe I'll go back one day!

Our hostel was around a ten minute walk from the Old Town area. The main town is pretty average. We passed a supermarket, stocking up on water and snacks then headed straight towards the Old Town. You know you've reached this area when the concrete pavement becomes cobbled streets. There are lots of little shops and stalls selling souvenirs. They're all pretty similar but the actual souvenirs were really nice rather than being tacky. I bought myself a copper bangle which I've worn everyday since!

As you wander down the cobbled street you'll eventually spot the main attraction; the Stari Most. If you're feeling brave you can jump from the bridge into the water. We kept missing the jumps so didn't get a snap of anyone.
Stari Most, Mostar

Mostar Mosque

We walked over the bridge and made our way through the side streets on the other side, then headed back towards the bridge, stopping off at a cute little cafe that served traditional Bosnian coffee for 2 km (88p). The coffee came with a piece of Turkish delight and a glass of water. The more I travelled though Europe the more I realised that getting a glass of water with your coffee was quite common, especially in Austria. The coffee was strong! So strong that Soph thought there was alcohol in it. It's very thick in consistency but after adjusting to the first taste I enjoyed it a lot.

The cafe is called Lasta and is just after you walk over the bridge. You'll be able to spot it from the cute tables on the outside such as the one we sat at. 

Trying traditional Bosnian coffee in Mostar

Traditional Bosnian coffee, Mostar

After enjoying our coffee we wandered around some more. We found the staircase that lead down to the river front. We took some pictures and waited to see if anyone was going to jump off the bridge. After waiting a while with no luck we decided it was time for some lunch.

There's plenty of restaurants to choose from, most are found once you've walked over the bridge (if you're coming from the Mosque side). When we were buying our postcards earlier in the day Soph had asked the women in the shop to recommend somewhere to eat. She'd been very useful and told us a restaurant that served traditional Bosnian food that was off the main drag, down a quieter street. To get to it you take your first left after you've walked over the bridge. At the end of this side street you can either turn left down the stairs to the river or right up another smaller street. You continue walking up this, you'll reach a bridge and just after that is the restaurant.

The restaurant was called Hindin Han and was very cute. Some tables had a very nice view of the river. We ordered the meat platter which cost us just over £10 so about £5 each. Which was crazy cheap because there was so much. We got so much meat, two chicken breasts, kebabs, sausages and more, plus some salad and chips. Before we ordered we'd stupidly asked the waiter if the platter would be enough for two and he just laughed and said yes, when it arrived we understood why. I didn't get a picture as I was too busy eating but it was so tasty! The restaurants on the main strip did the exact same platter for €23 euros. So much more, I can't compare the actual quality or taste but it looked exactly the same and ours tasted amazing. I'm so glad we asked for a recommendation otherwise we would have paid that price at the more touristy restaurant!

The best places to get a picture

Seeing as Mostar is so picturesque I thought it would be useful to tell you where to get the bet pictures. You can probably figure it out for yourself but this might save you some time as you'll know where to head straight away.

The first picture opportunity is also where you will first see the bridge. Unless you've already visited the Mosque and its lookout tower. This is just as you enter the old town. There is a wall where you can sit and get a picture.

You may also need to stand on the wall to get a better angle of the bridge. There does end up being a 'line' for the spot. We managed to get some time without anyone waiting but we soon had people waiting to get a picture so we felt a bit rushed.

From Below

To get down to the river you need to cross over the bridge and take the first left, turn left again and you'll find some stairs. There's a few restaurants and a bar on the way down. The area can get quite busy so you might have to wait a while to get a picture. It's also a great place to sit and eat an ice cream. Or get a snap of someone jumping from the bridge. This is where those who jumped from the bridge get out the water so if you know someone jumping this is the place to be.
Mostar from below

Mostar river front

From above

For this picture you'll have to pay to go up the tower. You can also pay to go into the Mosque grounds to get a picture and enjoy the view. This is cheaper than buying a ticket for the tower but the view isn't quite so good. I actually didn't go up the tower myself because I can't handle heights. I end up freezing and not being able to move because I'm so scared. Soph is fine with heights so went up alone.

Mostar from above

In conclusion:

  • Mostar town can be done in a day BUT remember there is plenty to see around Mostar so if you have time make the most of the surrounding area
  • The markets and stalls accept both the local currency and euros so you can pay in either 
  • Head down the side streets for cheaper (and just as good!) local cuisine 
Have you visited Mostar? Did you love it as much as I did?



  1. Sophie this post has mad me very excited to explore mostar!! I love your bit on where to take the best photos and I will 100% be using this when I go to take some brilliant photos! Looks like you had an amazing time bring on August :)

    Bethan xxx

    1. I'm glad you found it useful! I hope you have a fab trip! Look forward to reading all about it :) x

  2. I went there last year. It's a interesting place! Didn't get to see it from above though aha

    1. Yes! It's definitely interesting! I didn't know what to expect before I went but I was pleasantly surprised :) x


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