How to spend three days in Split | Croatia

                                                                  Split was the starting point for my five and a half week trip  interrailing around Europe. I flew into Split from Heathrow. I was excited to be heading off somewhere slightly warmer, it was early September so England was still pleasant but I thought Split would be even sunnier. However, Split greeted us with rain. Not it's still warm rain but cold, harsh rain falling from a grey, dull sky.

Arriving in Split 

After collecting our luggage and being completely disorganised with currency we left the airport on a bus to the main town. Long story short make sure you know the exchange rate before you turn up and want to get money out sing your currency card. In my defence I'd only had four days to prep for the trip having just come back from a six week trip around India and Sri Lanka. Meaning time was not something I had a lot of.

We got on the bus just in time and managed to secure some of the last seats. I'm so glad we did as it was about a 40 minute journey and I was exhausted so standing was very unappealing. The journey did nothing for my first impressions. The bus journey was gloomy and the buildings outside where as glum as the weather. I was expecting to see all the beautiful buildings I'd seem on Instagram.

Once we arrived at the Split bus station we realised we had no idea where our hostel was.  We asked at one of the kiosks and the women was extremely helpful, she told us we could walk to the hostel in five minutes. This was a relief as we could save money and not have to walk for ages with our backpacks on.  Although I was skeptical about whether the walk would be five minutes (trust me, there's been many a time I've been told a walk is five minutes and it's turned out to be at least half an hour...) 

We headed out into the rain, got absolutely soaked and slightly lost (even with a map at hand) but managed to get to our hostel in under 10 minutes. Celebration dance. Well actually more of a celebration collapse onto the bed when we got into our room. Our room was actually in another building, this meant more walking when all I wanted was a lie down. We had booked a private room as we wanted to start our trip with a good nights sleep. The room was in a two bedroomed apartment, we were sharing a kitchen and bathroom with one other room. This was great compared to the number of people you have to sometimes share with in a hostel. It was pretty basic but a good apartment. We didn't experience much of the hostel lifestyle but I still really enjoyed my stay as it felt like we were on holiday rather than travelling and with five and a half weeks ahead of me a little relaxation was a good thing!

The hostel was called Cro paradise Green hostel. A slightly odd name, green because there was also a blue one! Note: the actual hostel was not painted green.

When we headed out for our first meal I discovered that my first impressions were completely wrong and that the centre of Split is lovely! Plus the rain had stopped by this point meaning I could take in my surroundings.

I've decided to split the rest of the post into the separate days with a brief description of what I did and tips for visiting the places.

Day one 

After a lie in and a walk to the supermarket for breakfast we headed out to the Old Town and Diocletins Palace. It was a lot closer to our hostel than we thought. Turns out this was the case for most attractions in Split.

Old town Split

                                                                  The cold weather from the previous day had gone. It was actually hot. I got out my shorts, chucked on a vest top and felt like I was finally getting the sun I had hoped for.  

We  discovered a giant statue on our way into the Old Town. Lots of people were rubbing it's massive bronze toe. Yep, you did read that sentence correctly. This was an odd sight, until we went back to the hostel and googled it. Apparently, the statue is a wizard and you rub his toe to make a wish. I was a bad blogger and didn't get a picture of the statue or it's toe! I did rub the toe the next day once the crowds had died down.

After the whole 'why the hell are people rubbing a giant bronzed toe?!' moment we headed through to to Old Town. It was lovely. Like I said my first impression of Split was quite negative but as soon as I walked into this area this completely changed. There were so many small streets to wander down and lovely little shops that weren't all full of the standard touristy souvenirs. 

Roofs of Old Town Split

Windswept in Split

                       We  wandered through the tiny streets then headed to the palace. It was 30 kuna to go up to the top. However, I only made it half way. The final stairs were terrifying so I stayed in the middle and snapped some pictures and sent my friend Soph up to the top with the go pro.

We then wandered around a bit more and soon decided we were hungry. There are quite a few squares in the Old Town area with restaurants in. We looked at a few menus before settling on a restaurant called Bupa. I talk more about places to eat at the end of this post so won't go into detail here.

                                                                                   I say lunch but by the time we'd eaten it was around 3pm. After this we headed to the Riva which is the promenade area along the water. There are plenty of fancy boats along here to have a nosey at. We wanted to walk up to Marjan Hill. We asked for directions and were told that we needed to find some stairs that would lead us up. We found these stairs on our way back down. Luckily, we did find another way up. We were going to stay for sunset but had heard that the sunset was nice at some of the beaches around the park. We made our way back down and hopped on a bus, we asked the driver to stop at the beach he thought would be best for sunset.

The beach area looked like it would have been really nice for a day of relaxation but due to our lack of time in Split we'd chosen not to have any full beach days. We watched the sunset then headed back to town. Unfortunately, we'd just missed a bus and the next one was in 40 minutes so we cut out losses and decided to walk back, the walk wasn't too bad as the weather was know quite cool.

We had an early night ready for our trip to the Krkr national park the next day.

 Day Two

Day two began with an early start.  We headed to the bus station for our day trip to Krkr national park. Buying tickets was straight forward, we simply asked the women in the booth which bus we needed and off we went. The bus took about an hour and a half. When we arrived we had to walk about five minutes to the ticket centre for the park. 

When you get there you must book your return bus ticket before you head to the park. I guess this is so you get a place on one of the buses as there are only a certain amount. The only problem was we were one of the first in line meaning the man had no change and we only had large notes! It probably didn't help that I was half asleep and tried to give him €40 instead of 40 kuna (€40 is quite a bit more than 40 kunas!!).

Once we had sorted the problem of change out we bought our ticket for the actual park. Remember to bring your student card if you have one. I had bought a smaller bag with me, meaning my student card and purse where back in our room. I had a habit, on the trip, of leaving it at home on days I needed it and carrying with me every other day!

                                                                                             To get to the waterfalls you have to get a boat, this is included in your ticket and takes around 15 minutes. You can buy snacks on board and there's also a toilet. It was pretty busy by the time we got there; it must be heaving in the summer. We went in September so the weather wasn't quite so warm but still warm enough to go into the water. We ate our lunch (a very average home made cheese sandwich and some just as average crisps). I discovered that crisp flavours aren't that great in Croatia, there's a lot of paprika but they mostly taste of nothing.

                                                                    After letting our dinner go down we headed into the water. It was freezing and very slippery. Getting in was a struggle because there were so many rocks to get over. Once I was in the water I soon warmed up. A lot of people had water shoes and as soon as I got into the water I understood why. I'd recommend buying some cheap ones to make moving around in the water a bit easier. There's fish in the water which nibble but they're easy to ignore.

Day three

We only had half a day for our last day in Split. On the evening we got a bus to Mostar which is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We wanted to make the most of our last day and while it would have been nice to explore Split a bit more we decided to head on a day trip to the nearby island of Hvar. We booked our ferry tickets the day before, just incase they sold out. We caught the ferry at around 9am and returned at around 2.30 pm. While we only had a few hours in Hvar it was very enjoyable. I'm planning on writing a separate blogpost about this so won't go into any more detail in this post.

                          We decided to get a later bus than we'd originally planned so we could get some proper dinner and have one last explore. We then headed back to our hostel to pick up our luggage and walk to the bus terminal.

One thing I didn't realise when getting a bus with luggage is that you have to pay €1 to store your luggage in the luggage compartment. Luckily, I had some euros with me, even though they weren't the currency in Croatia. It was quite hard to communicate with the man, who spoke very little english. When I tried to ask if this was something we had to pay he got angry very quickly and started to pull our bags back off the bus! I didn't have my euros at hand either because I wasn't planning on needing them and he didn't appreciate this. I'd advise having some euros with you and having them somewhere easy to get to so you don't have to deal with an angry Croatian man. 

Where to eat

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to places to eat. You can pretty much find whatever cuisine you'd like. We mostly had pasta but also tried some more local dishes. 

If you want somewhere cute to eat lunch then you should head to Bupa. We ate here on our first day, it was reasonably priced and very yummy. I had the lamb and Soph had a veggie burger which she said was one of the best she's ever had. Split is touristy and the prices reflect this, however, the meal was cheaper than it would have been in England but not dirt cheap. For my lamb main and infused water I paid around £11. 

We ate at a Mexican restaurant called To Je Tako, it was really cheap and the food was great. I was really impressed with the tacos (and I've been to Mexico so tried the 'real stuff'). They were stuffed with lots of fillings rather than some where you get about two pieces of chicken.

If you need a refreshment then you should head to one of the juice bars dotted around. This one was just within the Old Town in a little square which led out onto the Riva. We didn't personally get a juice from here, we had planned to get one when we walked past again but we ended up going a different route home. The juices and cocktails did look really good though. They had a seating area and music playing giving a good vibe to the place. 


                                 In conclusion 

  • Take the bus (or walk) to one of the beaches in the park for a relaxed morning or afternoon
  • Make the most of the surrounding area and go on a day trip or two
  • If you're travelling by bus with luggage remember to have a euro or two handy!
  • Have some ice cream, the flavours are amazing

I enjoyed writing more of a diary styled post, hopefully the information is useful if you're planning a trip to Split in the future. Let me know if you've visited Split in the comments.



  1. Reading this post and looking at the photos brought back so many memories from my own stay in Split! It sounds like you had a really lovely time and experienced what this lovely city has to offer! I was absolutely terrified of going in the water at the Krkr National Park because of all the slippery rocks and fish (and apparently water snakes....?!?!) but it was still a beautiful place to spend a day in. It's really cool that you got to visit Hvar for the day as it looks lovely from what I've seen of it online! We unfortunately didn't have enough time or money to go but I would love to return to Croatia again soon for definite. And oh my goshhhh that smoothie juice bar was literally my favourite little place in Split! We went there for a smoothie every day, and sometimes twice a day as they served cocktails in the evenings! Aww this post was so much fun to read and your photos are lovely ☺️

    Milenka Millie


    1. I nearly didn't go in but decided I should! Good job I didn't know about the water snakes or I don't think I would have gone in at all! Ah I wish I'd tried a smoothie now! If I ever go back I'll try a smoothie and a cocktail :) x

  2. Great post. I have been in Split twice and found it is definitely not somewhere you would really need to return to! We ended up getting quite bored the second time around as we had done most of what the city had to offer. Your pictures are gorgeous :)


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