2017 Travel Plans

2017 travel plans

          2016 was a great year for travel and I'm hoping 2017 will be just as good, if not better! At the moment I don't have anything booked for 2017 but I have lots and lots of plans that I thought I would share with you in this post today!

Teach English in Vietnam

This is something I featured in my 25 before 25 post. I'm currently undertaking the TEFL online teaching course which will hopefully help me find a teaching job in Vietnam. It's surprising how many things I've forgotten since school so the course is very useful. 

I have no idea when I'll be going to Vietnam but I'm planning on staying there for at least two months to be able to settle in properly and enjoy the teaching and living in another country.

Travel around South East Asia 

This will either be before, after or in between the teaching. As you can see, again, my plans are very loose! I've started to look at itineraries and blog posts about different destinations. Thailand and Cambodia are definite. I also really want to visit Laos and the Philippines. This will be a long term trip which is scary and exciting. The longest I've ever travelled for is six weeks but this will, realistically, be at least six months; especially with the teaching.

Visit Dublin for St. Patricks day 

Whatever happens I won't be leaving for Asia until at least the end of March because I need to actually plan the trip and earn a bit more money to put towards it! I've always wanted to go to Dublin, especially on St. Patricks day and hopefully in 2017 I can tick this off. My friend and I have been discussing it so it's just a matter of booking it up.

Visit Berlin 

This would happen early 2017, again, before I jet off anywhere tropical. This one may not happen as there is quite a lot of other things to save and plan for but if I can fit in a weekend to Berlin it will be great. I really wanted to visit during my Interrail trip but we decided to prioritise more unusual places such as Hallstatt which I'm really glad we did but Berlin is still very high on my bucket list! 


As you can see I have some pretty big plans for 2017. I hope I'll be able to fulfil all of thees plans. Do you have any travel plans for 2017? Let me know in the comments? 


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  1. Sounds fabulous. Cambodia is incredible and I'm sure you'll love it. Also prepare yourself for Dublin it's super super expensive!

    1. Thankyou! Yes I've heard it's rather pricy so will have to make sure I save before I go! x

  2. Amaaazing plans! Id love to travel SEA in 2017 :D


  3. Sounds like you're going to have an amazing 2017, I'm incredibly jealous! I've looked at some volunteer trips to Vietnam, and although going for so long sounds scary like you said, it'll be such a great experience :)

    1. Yes definitely, those sort of experiences always end up paying off! x

  4. I actually have at least one travel plan for 2017. On the 5th of January I'm going to Thailand with my family for the first time. I'll be staying there for two and a half weeks. Other than that I'm hoping to go to a capital on a shopping tour, but nothing that I've planned yet. Your plans looks great, especially st Patrick's day in Dublin! I'd love to go and experience other countries' traditions.


    1. Wow, that will be great, can escape the cold winter for some sun! x

  5. These all sound like really incredible plans! I've been dreaming of visiting South East Asia for a while now, it seems that I'm the only one of my friends who hasn't been yet! The Philippines is top of my list currently as that's where my boyfriend's family are from ☺️ Teaching English in Vietnam would be such an amazing opportunity - you should totally go for it! xx

  6. Oh wow, I'm hoping to start in the Philippines, the beaches look incredible! x

  7. Ah your travel plans are making me so jealous!!
    Nicole xx

  8. Until recently I didn't have any travel plans for 2017 but now I'm thinking of planning a trip to explore Northern Europe!



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