10 things to do in Prague

10 things to do in Prague

                                                             Prague was one of my favourite places that I visited on my Interrail trip. I loved the buildings and the food and well, pretty much everything! I thought I'd put together a post with ten things you should not miss if you take a trip to Prague.

We spent four days there and still didn't quite manage to see everything. This was probably because we were super lazy and didn't make the most of our days. So if you do get up early and make the most of your time then you'll definitely be able to fit all the main sights into your trip. The ten things I've chosen for this post are all things I did myself so I could give you my own perspective and recommend them personally! So without further ado here are my 10 things to do in Prague:

1. Eat the local grub 

Food is important for any trip which is why it's at the top of my list! There's plenty to try in Prague but if you try one thing you HAVE to try a doughnut ice cream. These are AMAZING! They taste like Disney land and Christmas. Ok, they actually taste of sugar and cinnamon but to me these taste like Disneyland and Christmas. It's pretty easy to find these doughnuts around the main square; they're usually sold in small stalls on the street. I preferred having it with just Nutella rather than ice cream but try both.

The savoury food is pretty good too although I must say we didn't eat that much traditional food, we ended up having Indian, Thai and Italian food during the three days. This wasn't because the traditional food wasn't good but because it was quite similar to the food we'd been eating in the other countries we visited. There's only so many schnitzels a girl can eat. Especially when they're the size of your head! The schnitzels are great though and the pork knuckles. It's all pretty meaty so I can't really recommend any veggie options apart from the potato salad!

Ice cream doughnut Prague

2. Visit the dancing house 

This is something I found whilst searching for Prague on Instagram. It's basically just a building that looks quite funky. There's a hotel and gallery, as well as a rooftop bar and lookout. It's worth a trip if you have more than two days to explore the city.
The buildings full name is actually Fred and Ginger Dancing House. Referring to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers who are famous dancers (who I had never heard of until I googled why it was called Fred and Ginger!). Apparently the building is meant to resemble two dancers. 

We went straight up to the bar, where you're not allowed out onto the view point until you've bought a drink. I think this is pretty fair, they need to make money somehow! We wanted a coffee anyway so each had one then went out into the cold to snap some pics.

Dancing House Prague

          3. Explore the main square


This was my favourite square of my Interrail trip. It was so pretty! I'm not normally one to be blown away by somewhere but walking into the square definitely made me go 'Oh wow'. We visited just as it was starting to get darker so the sky was slightly orange. My favourite building was the Church of Our Lady before Tyn which is shown in the photo below.

Church of Our Lady before Tyn Prague

Prague Town Square

                               4. Pop some bubbles


On our way to the main square we found a man with a giant bubble machine. There were lots of kids running around popping the bubbles and then there was us, four girls also running around popping bubbles. It was so fun, and a great opportunity for some photos. 

Bubbles in Prague

                    5. Visit the John Lennon wall

I don't think any visit to Prague is complete without visiting the John Lennon wall. It took us a while to find (so google map it!) but it was worth the wandering. We went quite late in the day which I think was good as we missed the main crowds. There were still quite a lot of people but it was quiet enough to be able to get all the pictures we wanted without waiting around. Just make sure you go there while there's still enough light!  I also love how the wall is constantly changing with new graffiti. If I ever go back it will be completely different!

John Lennon Wall Prague

                             6. Meet the swans 

On the other side of Charles Bridge (the side the castle is on) you'll find lots of swans. When we visited we also found a women having a photo shoot in a very extravagant (and beautiful) dress. It's nice and peaceful on the waters edge and also perfect for pictures.

Swans and Charles Bridge Prague

            7. Party in the biggest club in Central Europe


I know 22 is not old but when you're in this club being 22 feels like your 50 and doing mum dancing. People here are young. I don't mean 18 or 19 I mean 16. We went for my birthday night out and while I felt like a grandma it was still fun. There's five floors with different music, although, near the end of the night they all started playing the same sort of music. Also the R n B room isn't R n B it's old chart hits. My friend who was looking forward to this room the most was very disappointed! My favourite room was the cheese room which had a multi coloured dance floor and by the end of the night was completely empty so we had it to ourselves!

If you fancy a very random night out with lots of local students then this is the place to go. Or if you just want to experience walking up five fligths of stairs and feeling very lost and old then you should also make time to visit! I don't have any pictures from the club because, well, we were too busy having fun. The pictures I have are pretty bad and the internet does not need to see me doing some awful dance moves, that should be kept in my private collection!

8. Visit the Jewish Quarter 

Again I'm afraid I don't have any photos. This is partly because there were areas where photos weren't allowed and also places I didn't feel photos were appropriate such as the cemetery. Plus it was very cold and wet and we were in a hurry to visit as much as possible before everything shut.

The Jewish Quarter is located between Old Town and the Vltava river. We bought our tickets from the ticket office outside the cemetery. Make sure you bring your student card if you have one! I forgot mine (after having it in my bag every other day!) and it cost me €3 more than my friends. It's definitely worth a visit as it provides a lot of insight into the treatment of Jews in Prague during the second world war.

The synagogues included in your ticket are fairly spread out so make sure you allow plenty of time to see everything and don't go an hour before everything closes like we did!

9. Visit the castle 

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague
To get to the castle you have to walk up quite a few stairs but it only takes about ten minutes and isn't too tiresome. The walk up is definitely worth it. The views of Prague are great. I didn't think the castle itself was that amazing but in the courtyard is the St. Vitus Cathedral which is stunning. To get the best pictures of it you have to lie on the floor so you can fit it all in. There's plenty of other people doing this so you don't really stand out very much.

View of Prague from Prague Castle

                             10. Take a stroll over Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge connects the two sides of the river. We only walked over it twice but it's a must see (or must walk!). There's some fab pictures of Charles Bridge at sunrise on Instagram but I didn't fancy getting up at 5am. Instead we walked over as the sun was setting and just enjoyed taking in the views of the river.

Walking over Charles Bridge


I hope my choices for ten things to do in Prague are useful for anyone planning a trip. There's so much to do in Prague so choosing just ten things was hard! Let me know if you've visited Prague and what your favourite thing to do was.


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  1. Prague looks absolutely beautiful and sounds so fun from the way you've described it. I'm currently reading a book that's set there at Christmas and the girl in it actually got up at 5am to take photos of the Charles Bridge! But I think it looks equally beautiful at sunset. I really love that time when the sun is starting to set and everywhere has that lovely orange glow! xx

    1. Wow that's so cool, hope the book is good! I wish I had the will power to get up at 5am for photos but I like my sleep too much! x

  2. I absolutely loved Prague when I visited this year, and now reading your post ... the dancing house looks amazing and how I missed visiting that one! I really want to go back again next year! Jess x www.thewildflower.co.uk


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