November Summary 2016

November reflections 2016

I wrote a post about my slightly late November goals so I thought I'd follow this up with a reflections post. Basically somewhere to summarise the month and tell you whether I reached my goals or failed miserably!

November was my first full month at home since getting back from my Interrail trip (post coming soon!). It was also the month I decided to get my shit together and find myself a job. Luckily, I managed to get a job pretty quickly at a local cafe. The cafe also does the BEST hot chocolate ever so it's win win.

I also redecorated my room, started doing some online marketing courses and signed up to TEFL so I can start completing my online teaching course! All in all November has been a pretty productive month (if I do say so myself!). I feel like I finally have some kind of life plan. Ok maybe not quite but I have a plan for the next year which is a start. 

Now onto the goals I set myself for November and whether I achieved them!

1. Finish my book

This was completed only a couple of days after I published my post. I also achieved the second part of this goal which was to start a new book (Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye) although I am only nine pages in. But it still counts!

2. Start the 30 Day Shred

Well this never happened...
In my defence my room was an absolute tip because all the furniture had to be rearranged so I could paint the walls. This left no room to exercise. However, I could have just exercised in another room so I can't really use that as an excuse. The bottom line is that I'm lazy and motivating myself to actually do exercise takes a VERY long time. Maybe next month... 

3. Reach 350 Twitter followers 

I'm so close to this but every time I get close my follower count drop back down. It's been between 40 and 45 all week. Sigh. Hopefully this will be reached at the start of December. 

4. Comment on more blogs 

This is the goal where I am seriously slacking. I have commented on a few blogs but I usually read blogs on my phone so find it more hassle to leave a comment. I need to start looking at my Bloglovin feed on my laptop so it's super easy to leave a comment.


I'd say reaching my goals wasn't a complete success this month. Goal one was achieved, goal two is a complete and utter write off and goals three and four are in progress. I'll be setting myself some new goals for December in a post soon so make sure you check them out.

Did you set yourself any goals for November? Did you do better than me in achieving these?


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