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Today I thought I would do a quick post about where I blog, I quite like reading these sort of posts as I'm always looking for inspiration for my desk area, my desk area is pretty simple especially when it's tidy and not covered by mess.

My desk is where I do most of my blogging, I know some people like to blog in bed etc but I prefer to type at a desk. The actual desk is from Ikea and the chair was from a charity shop, my mum changed the fabric on it so it matched my wallpaper. 

I keep my muji storage on my desk as it doubles up as a dressing table and also some moisturisers.

Lastly I have a lamp which I got from Next in the sale, the pink vase is also from Next. Then I keep my elephant piggy bank on my desk and a little box where I keep some sample of products. The notebook is from Germany which is why it is in a another language, I use it as my blogging notebook after keeping it in my drawer for about three years! It has squares rather than just lines which I find handy for writing out lists etc. 

Most of the stuff on my desk is going to moved to my university room soon so I may do an updated desk tour once I've organised my room at uni.


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