Boots Advantage Points Haul

Boots advantage points haul

I'm guessing a lot of you own a Boots advantage card and if you don't I would definitely recommend getting one! I used to be quite bad at saving my points and would get to around £10 then use them but recently I have been trying to save them for longer. With the help of a few double points vouchers I managed to build up thirty pounds worth. By this point I decided I would spend them, at first I was going to buy a high end lipstick but then I decided I wasn't really that fussed. In the end I ended up picking up four items and now have about £4 left to spend, which is quite upsetting as I feel like I have to start all over again but at least I have some new products which I got for free!

This was the first product I picked up, it already had 1/3 off and then there was a £5 voucher in the Boots magazine. I was initially going to buy the newer gel moisturiser from the range but my Boots didn't have it in stock so I went home and read reviews on this and decided that I wanted to try this more as it goes under your existing moisturiser. I haven't tested this yet but once I have I will write up a review.

I've been getting into brow products much more recently, at the start of the year I owned a grand total of zero and I now have five. I wasn't initially going to get this but it was on offer for £2.99 so I thought for that amount of money I might as well give it ago. I've only used this once but already like it a lot, it's very easy to use, I also own the Maybelline brow gel but prefer this one as the brush is smaller and this makes it easier to brush through the brow.

I don't usually opt for brighter lip colours but I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, I also tend to stay away from bright colours as I feel they make my teeth look even more yellow but I am getting my teeth whitened so hopefully I won't have that problem any longer. Revlon had a two for £10 offer on so I picked up another one of their lip products, one of the new Moisture Stains. I chose 'New York Scene' after spending a good hour comparing swatches online. The name did have a slight part in the choice as I'm going to New York in March and thought it would be a great shade to take with me. It's a lovely deep red that's slightly more pink on the lips. I won't write too much about it in this post as I am planning on doing a separate review soon.

So that's what I picked up with my Boots advantage points, have you purchased anything with your points recently?



  1. I have one of the Revlon moisture stains, its great xx


    1. I definitely think I'll be investing in a few more of them! x

  2. Great haul with your Boots points! I'm trying so hard not to spend mine :( Josie xxx josielcross.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's so tempting to spend them rather than saving them x


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