What's On My Bookshelf

what's on my bookshelf

A bit of a different post today, I thought I would show you what books live on my bookshelf, I enjoy reading but since starting university found myself reading less and less, but over the summer I had the time to rediscover my love of reading. 

what's on my bookshelf

On the top shelf along with a lot of owls, I have some books which I guess would be classed as young adult fiction such as 'Looking For Alaska' and the Uglies series. I also have a copy of 'Wuthering Heights' which my nan gave to me. There's also the 'The Lovely Bones' which I would recommend.

what's on my bookshelf

The contents of this shelf illustrates my obsession with Sophie Kinsella books when I was younger,  I have all of the Shopaholic series and some of the others. I also have a brand new set of the Hunger Games trilogy, I have read them but I borrowed them from the library so didn't have my own, so I decided to buy my own set. I'd also definitely recommend 'Before I Fall' by Lauren Oliver.

what's on my bookshelf

Quite a few of the books on this shelf were ones I read to help me to write my english coursework back in sixth form such as 'In Cold Blood' which is based on a true story. There's also my Twilight collection which were my favourite books way back when I was in year 7! 'Cloud Atlas' is the book I am currently reading, it's split into six stories that are all linked in some way. 

what's on my bookshelf

The books on the left are ones that I needed for my university course, then there are more Sophie Kinsella books, I particularly like 'Twenties Girl'. There's also the 'Delirium' series which I enjoyed although I thought the last book was a bit of a let down, they are written by the same author who wrote 'Before I Fall'.

whats on my bookshelf

On the bottom shelf are just a lot of folders, I went through a stage when I started GCSE's were I would buy lots of pretty folders and then I never ended using half of them. They definitely come in handy for university though!

So that's a little insight into what books I have read, what's your favourite book on your bookshelf?

Sophie x 

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  1. Fab post! Lauren Oliver sounds like a good author but I’ve never read any of her books. I love chick lit. At the mo I’m reading Miranda Harts book! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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