University Haul

I don't technically need anything new for university as I have most of the necessary stuff already from last year (although I do need a new oven glove as mine ended up with a massive hole in it). But I couldn't resist picking up a few new bits when I went shopping the other day, in all honesty I could of survived without the new bits but that's what happens when I go into town for a mooch. 

university haul

Wilkinons had 3 for 2 on some of their stationary so I picked up the cute pins (£1.50) as I'm hoping to have a pin board in my room. I also got some washi tape (£2) this is to use in my scrapbook and then the weekly planner (£2.75) which is in the picture below. I had wanted a weekly planner for a while, the ones in Paperchase are really nice but I couldn't really justify spending £8 on one when I could get one for a lot cheaper. I'm hoping it will help me stay organised with uni work and blogging!

The little pegs are also from Wilkinsons (85p), I'm planning on using them and some string to hang photos across my wall in my uni room so the walls don't look as bland. I'm not sure how strong they are as they look a little like they might snap easily but hopefully they'll be able to do what I want them to do.

The drinks flask was from Home Bargains (£3.49), I already have a hot drinks cup from Primark but this one has a lid that is more secure and is insulated so should keep my drink warmer for longer. I thought it would be good for taking coffee or green tea to uni (especially as I'll have to get the bus more next year) or maybe even some soup in the winter. I also like the size of it, they had the usual insulated flask size but I thought this one would fit into my bag better. And I also thought the pattern was really cute!

university stationary haul

The pens were half price in Wilkinsons (£1.70) so I got them for revision to make my notes look a bit more exciting and colourful. Anything to make revision feel less boring!

university homeware haul

I got a couple of items to help decorate my university room and make it look a bit more homely. The jar, which I'm using as a brush holder, was from Tk maxi and was £1.49. I'd been looking for something to keep my brushes in for a while and thought this was really cute. The vase is from Next (£4) and looks lovely empty but I will hopefully put flowers in it once I'm at uni. It came in clear, green and purple too.

university haul blog post

Lastly, the most boring purchases are books for my course next year, I am hoping to read at least a couple of them before I start back in September although I've had them for over a month and haven't started any. They were all from Amazon, I'd also recommend looking at the used books as I managed to get one of these that was supposed to be £40 for about £8 because it was used.

So that's my small university haul, I'll most probably end up buying some more stationary bits before I start my second year but you can never have enough stationary right?!



  1. I love the little flask, its so cute xx


  2. I use some jars to put my makeup brushes in too, the ones you got are super cute, although I would be tempted to put brushes in the vase too! You got a great deal on your book :) xx

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