My Week #1

I've seen quite a lot of people do some sort of summary of their week or month and I thought it was quite a nice idea, it also means I can look back at my blog and see the things I've been up to like a sort 
of diary. I was going to post this yesterday but didn't get the chance but in the future I will usually post these on a Sunday.

In all honesty I haven't been up to that much this week but I thought I would show you anyway. One of the main things I did this week was go to the Opticians about getting contact lenses, I wear glasses but wanted to try out contacts for days and nights out. The idea of them kinda grosses me out, having to put something in your eye but I wasn't as bad at putting them in or out as I thought, although when the optician put them in the first time I'm pretty sure I pulled the worlds ugliest face. I've been given a trial of them so hopefully they'll work out so I don't have to start wearing my glasses all the time. I also booked in to have my teeth whitened which was one of the things on my 101 in 1001 days list (here), I've always been a bit self conscious of my teeth as they are quite yellow so I'm hoping the whitening will work well.

1. This week I also got back into reading. 'Eeny Meeny' is a crime novel, the people who are captured have to choose between them who lives and who dies, only once one of them is dead is the other one released. It was quite an easy read so I'd recommend it to anyone who likes crime novels.

2. My lunch / dinner which consisted of mini food which I love, I especially like it around Christmas when all the mini pies and stuff come out.

3. I did a bit of redesigning on the blog this week, you may have noticed this already as my headerh as now changed. I was getting bored of the old one and fancied something that looked more streamlined. I'd love to know if you prefer my new header?

4. A selfie! I don't actually take many selfie's but I was trying to get one of my new haircut as I'd decided to have quite a bit taken off, I'm actually tempted to get it cut shorter.

5. Lots of the stuff I've collected over the last year which I've finally got round to putting in my scrapbook.

6. Another selfie (whoops), this was when I went to Milton Keynes to do some shopping. I was waiting for my mum to finish trying some stuff on, I get bored rather easily when I go shopping unless I'm looking at things I want to look at but then again my mum gets bored when I'm looking at my stuff, she doesn't like mooching in Boots like me.

7. I went to see Linkin Park at Download festival in June with my mum as we both like them, my mum actually got me into them rather than the other way around. We both had a really good time at Download even though my mum was a bit paranoid we'd get squashed in the crowd, we only went for the day too as my mum is not a camper and we only really went to see Linkin Park. But anyway I saw that they were doing a UK tour so even though we'd only saw them in June we booked again to see them at the O2 in November.

8. Last but not least I finally found a playsuit that I like and suits me. I've been after one for quite a while but all the ones I tried on didn't look right until I found this one in Primark, plus because it was from Primark it was cheap!

So that's a round up of my week, not exactly the most exciting but I did tick of some things on my to do list (contacts and teeth whitening). What have you been up to this past week?

Sophie x 

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