5 Favorites of July

I was going to do the usual beauty monthly favourites but in all honesty I don't really have any, partly due to the fact I haven't really worn any makeup this last month or so as I have spent most of my time in and around my house. So instead I thought I would do post on five of my favourite things that have happened in July / non beauty favourites.

Not wearing makeup

Like I said in the introduction I haven't really worn any makeup this past month, only occasionally if I've been shopping or something. In all honesty I haven't noticed a massive difference in my skin looking clearer by not wearing makeup but it has definitely been a lot less hassle especially in the warm weather, I don't feel like my face is a slimy mess which it sometimes does when I wear makeup in the heat (my face and I do not like the heat, I get hot far too easily!)

Green Tea

I only started drinking this in June as my flat mate introduced it to me, I had always assumed I wouldn't like it. She actually got me to try peppermint tea first which I didn't like quite so much, for some reason I really did not like the smell! I ended up buying Tesco own brand as at that point I had only tried it once so didn't want to spend much and end up not liking it after all, the own brand tea bags taste fine. I think I might be adventurous and try a more fruity tea next time!


My scrapbook was originally meant to a whole one dedicated to my holidays to Florida but after starting and then leaving it for about a year I decided to make it a general scrapbook. I started it properly last summer but again it ended up being left once I started school again. So finally this summer I was determined to actually finish it! I'm not finished just yet but the end is in sight! I also collected quite a few more bits of memorabilia from my year at uni to put into it.

The Commonwealth Games

I'm not a sporty person at all and usually don't watch any sports (football in particular) but after really enjoying the Olympics I was excited to watch the Commonwealth Games. I'm not going to lie, I pretty much spent most of my days for the duration it was on watching it, especially in the evenings. My parents both like watching it as well so in the evening we'd all watch it with our coffee and cake, ok mine was milk and double chocolate cookies as I'm still a kid at heart! I do also get a bit carried away sometimes cheering especially if it was a close win!


Seeing as I've already had about 9 weeks off since finishing my first year at university (seems so long ago!!), I have had a lot of free time, and what's the best way to use your free time in the summer -watching Netflix! Ok so maybe I should be making the most of the summer weather but there's not much to do where I live so I spend a lot of time watching stuff, I've managed so far to get through the end of Breaking Bad, American Horror Story and am now on the last season of Dexter. I'm planning on watching Prison Break next.

So those are my favourites from July, what do you recommend me watching on Netflix and what were your favourite things from July?

Sophie x


  1. I love Netflix so much. I've been watching Modern Family which is really funny and I've also started watching The Thick Of It which at first I wasn't sure I would like as it's about politics, but I Love it. It's very sweary but hilarious and the script is really great. :) x

    1. I love a bit of Modern Family! I've never seen The Thick Of It so I'll give it a go, thanks for the recommendation! x


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