In a Nutshell: November 2017

Well, it's safe to say it's certainly getting a little chilly and I don't think it's even officially winter yet. But, oh boy, has the temperature dropped. 

And so we enter the final month of 2017. I'm not going to tell you how I can't believe it's nearly 2018 or talk about the year. That's to be saved for a post all about 2017. For now, I'm going to tell you about what I got up to in November. 


1. University reunion

Well, not quite a university reunion but a night out with some uni friends who I haven't seen in a while. Some of them I haven't seen in over a year! It was initially going be a night out and get together with an American friend some of us had met travelling but she had to cancel. Seeing as I'd already got the days off work I decided to go to Birmingham anyway. I'm so glad I did as it was so good to catch up with everyone and also to have a night out!

Dinner at Sketch London


2. A day in London

The good thing about our American friend cancelling was that it gave us the excuse to go down to London to see her before she headed home. I haven't been to London in ages, plus it's starting to get festive.

Obviously, we decided to hit up the most instragrammable cafe in town: Peggy Porschen's. And yes I did write a whole post about it

We also had dinner at Sketch, although had a small panic when we didn't think we'd be in the pink room for dinner. It wasn't the reason we went there but it was a factor. Also the toilets. Oh and the food was pretty good too. 


Carnaby Street Christmas lights

1. Book a trip away

This is still pending. The dates I wanted are already taken by someone else at work so I'm trying to sort other dates out. I'm starting to feel like my mini break just isn't meant to be!

2. Finish my travel journal 

Yeah, well, that never happened. In fact I haven't touched it all month. I find myself putting it off because I feel like once my journal is finished then there will be nothing left of my trip. 

3. Sort out 2018

The only goal out of the three that I've made progress in but I can't talk about anything just yet! 


Sketch London

1. Reach 900 twitter followers

Yes, I know it's not all about followers. And I'm usually not that bothered. But I really want to reach 1,000 followers soon because I feel like it's the next big goal. Plus, I like having a target to work towards. I think 1,000 followers is a bit unrealistic by the end of the year which is why I'm aiming for 900 instead. 

2. Save money

I'm actually quite good at saving money. That is when I'm not using it to travel. But I want to start creating a proper budget and savings plan so I can keep track of what I'm spending and saving. 

3. Start using my bullet journal again

I was doing really well at this and really enjoying designing my weekly spreads. And then I just stopped. Well, in part the lack of internet made me use it less. 

I guess that's a strange reason seeing as the journal doesn't require the internet. However, most of my to do list for each day involved the internet. Things like blogging had to be paused and so there was no need to write it in my journal. 

I want to start including more sections to my monthly spreads such as a habit and budget trackers.

It's also a good excuse to go and buy myself some pretty new stationary. 


What did you get up to in November?


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