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There seems to be quite a lot of blogger burn out posts in the blogosphere lately. A lot of us seem to have lost our sparkle. And I've been feeling exactly the same. But in my everyday life, as well as, with blogging.

I'm just burnt out full stop. I don't really know what happened but the last few weeks I've been mentally and physically exhausted. Work has been more demanding and I've felt a lot more anxious. 

suffering from a burn out

It didn't help that there was a bug going around at work. I work in a small coffee shop so it's hard to avoid any illnesses floating around. 

But I came home everyday happy that I'd escaped the bug. I congratulated my immune system for keeping me healthy. That was until Saturday when, after a rather stressful shift, I came home feeling rather shit. 

I hopped straight into bed, took some medicine and hoped I'd sleep it off. I didn't. The bug had finally got to me. I spent the night either being sick, trying not to be sick or attempting to somehow fall asleep. 

I had to admit defeat. I called in sick on Sunday. I spent the day feeling sorry for myself and trying to eat something that wouldn't make me throw up again. 

Even if I'd wanted to go to work I couldn't. I handle food. Food and sickness bugs don't mix. Unlike everyone else at work I had been blessed with the flu and throwing up.

But I felt so guilty for not going to work. It's my first sick day since I started working there nearly a year ago. We were already understaffed and I was making it worse. 

a blogging burn out

Then I realised that I also felt guilty for not blogging or tweeting as much. I felt guilty for feeling anxious and down.

But I shouldn't feel guilty. Burning out happens.

So I'm giving myself more me time. I'm making sure I look after myself. I don't want to be ill again, especially when I have to go to work because lets face it if we have to go to work we'd rather go feeling fresh.

I'm allowing myself more time just doing nothing. If I want to get in from work and watch Netflix rather than blog then I will. I shouldn't feel guilty for not doing anything productive after work or on my days off for that matter.

I'm allowing myself to recover from this burn out. They happen but I shouldn't feel guilty.


Have you suffered from a burn out recently? How do you overcome them?



  1. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well - it's so important to look after yourself and your body - rest and relax!

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *

  2. I don't believe you should feel guilty at all, we're all humans and its natural to get sick and its only natural that life get in the way sometimes. I was just saying how sore my throat was today, so I can only assume what that means haha! I hope you feel better soon, and that you get your blogging mojo back x



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