My Week #4

Todays post is a summary of the past couple of weeks and mainly my birthday weekend. My birthday was the 5th of October which was good as I knew I'd definitely get a lie in as it was a Sunday. Last year I went home for my birthday weekend but this year I decided to stay at university and do some things here.


1- The Goose Fair - this is a fair that comes to Nottingham every year and is supposed to be one of the biggest fairs in Europe. Last year we never got round to going so we made an effort to go this year, we went on the evening of my actual birthday so it was quite chilly but I think it was better at night because of all the lights. I only went on one ride in the end as they were quite expensive plus I had just eaten a load of pasta and didn't fancy being sick.

2- Me cutting my birthday cake, my friends surprised me and got a cake for after our meal, I had half guessed they might do this but it got to after the meal and nothing had happened so I forgot about it and then just as I was suggesting we get the bill the cake came out. It was super yummy!

3- The food I ate for my Birthday meal. I decided to go to Prezzo as I had never been there before and their pasta looked good. I was greedy and chose the option where you could have two pastas instead of just one. I'm surprised that I managed to eat nearly all of it. I would definitely go back to eat there again. 

4- Birthday cards! Most of my cards were sent straight to my house at university so I was able to put them up on my actual birthday. 

5- More food! My friend Kavita came to visit me for the day because it was my birthday and after wondering around Nottingham for a while we decided to eat and The Slug and Lettuce. The food was nicer than I thought it would be, we both ended up having the Italian Chicken.

6- Birthday presents, my uni friends clubbed together to get me a Chanel lipgloss which I am very excited about, I don't want to use it though as it looks to pretty! Kavita and my other friend Bhoomica both got me the Mac palette and Cranberry eyeshadow, a mac eye palette was on my wish list so I was extremely happy and am hoping to fill it up more when I go to New York.

7 - Dessert at The Slug and Lettuce, I chose the raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake, it was quite small but I was glad at the time as I was pretty full from my main.

8- We went out the night before my birthday so by the time we actually got to the club it was my birthday and my friends decided to sing happy birthday to me and see if we could jump the queue (we could't) , before we left I made sure I had some Polaroid's from the night.

So that's what I got up to over my Birthday week, it was nice having my birthday before all the deadlines for work began. I'm currently working on my first essay which is due next Monday but will hopefully have another blogpost soon.

Sophie x

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