University Goals - Year Two

Seeing as I'm moving into my university house today I thought I would write a post about goals and things  I want to achieve in my second year. I'm hoping I'll only have one night without internet in my new house so I should be able to keep blogging. I've been attempting to blog everyday in September and so far I've been able to stick to that so hopefully they'll be internet up and running so I can continue! So here are my goals for year two:

Be more organised with work

This year I'm hoping to set up more of a structured studying schedule and stick to it, I think sticking to it is the harder part. I'm going to try and make sure I don't have to finish any of my seminar prep just before a seminar starts.

Do more wider reading 

Whilst I did do a lot of reading last year I felt I could have done more, I think this will also help me when I write my essays.

Keep reading

By this I mean keep reading books that aren't to do with my course, last year I didn't read any books other than ones I needed for my course! Over the summer I've got back into reading and have quite a few books to take back to university with me.

Walk home from lectures occasionally 

This may sound like a slightly odd goal but my new uni house is around 40 minutes away from campus so I will most likely end up getting the bus a lot of the time but I'm hoping to make myself walk home at least once a week, partly to save bus money and partly to help keep myself fit!

Eat healthier!

I actually think I eat better at university than when I'm at home, but I'm going to try and be even healthier. That means I need will power so I don't eat packet of biscuits in one go which I've done of more than one occasion.

Try out new things

I'm hoping to join a couple of societies this year as I never got round to joining any last year, I'd also like to do more things that I could add to my CV

Keep blogging!

I didn't blog the whole of my first year as I had interest in blogging and this made me unmotivated to fit blogging into my schedule. This year I'm hoping I'll be able to keep blogging throughout the year even if it's less often.

Hopefully I'll be able to stick to all of these, I'm quite sure about the eating healthy one though!

Sophie x

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  1. these are such great goals! i'm in my second year too and i've definitely started thinking about new goals and ways to stay organized throughout the school year. cute blog, awesome post!! :)


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