A Quick Catch Up

I'm finally back to blogging after not blogging since September! The main reason for my absence was starting university, it took me a while to settle in and once I was settled I wasn't really sure whether I still wanted to blog partly because I felt I couldn't really take good pictures as my room was very dark and partly because I didn't want people from university finding the blog but now that doesn't matter so much as I have now told some of my closer friends.

During my exam season at uni I started to miss blogging and so decided that once my first year was over that I will start again. So here I am, hopefully  I'll be blogging a lot more from now on. I'm also thinking about doing a couple of posts about university and my experience so far which may help others who are considering going off to uni or are starting in September.

I feel like this summer is going to go really quick I've already had about three weeks off and all I seem to have done is play Sims and watch TV, surprisingly I've got quite into the world cup, I never normally watch football but I've found myself watching most of the games this past weekend. I have no real plans for summer, I am on the look out for a job for some extra money but if not I'll probably just end up spending the summer reading all the books I never had time to read whilst at uni!


Have you finished for summer yet? What are your summer plans?

Sophie x

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